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In 2020, thinnai bangalore when the world was hit by the dangerous Covid pandemic, a few groups felt caught inside their homes. The pandemic private dining in Jayanagar has made the requirement for uncrowded thinnai private dining confidential spots for individuals to appreciate. This has prompted the introduction of this one-of-a-kind startup called ‘Thinnai’. The Coimbatore-based web-based social stage publicly support spaces and transform them into a lounge area for a couple of hours. Sound perfect? Correct? private dining in bangalore You can now lease wonderful galleries and porches in Bangalore to hang out in. To partake in a confidential heartfelt supper with your accomplice in Bangalore, book this feasting space at just ₹300.

Thinnai Hotel is ideal for visitors who want to unwind amidst warm, authentic Northern hospitality. As a member of the Thinnai Group, we place an emphasis on sustainability and upliftment of the neighborhood while focusing on offering guests an immersive experience of Jaffna’s cultural and natural legacy. Because We cordially invite you to visit our home in Jaffna, a dynamic region whose culture has been meticulously conserved for decades and is now available for your exploration.

Tesoro Thinnai Offers a Romantic Experience

Firstly Tesoro Thinnai is situate in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. This selective confidential space in Bangalore gives a heartfelt encounter to you and your accomplice. Tesoro Thinnai’s overhang is wonderfully lit with pixie lights. The heartfelt feel of the spot is dabbed with the topic of red and white. It is exceptional with every one of the offices for a heartfelt candlelit supper. You might actually arrange or bring own feast and liquor. The costs might change relying on your necessities. However, The Airbnb of eating space is open from 11 Am to 11 PM. You can eat here at a reasonable cost of just Rs. 300.

Thinnai Is More Than Just a Dining Space

Thinnai is something other than a feasting space. But it can have remote work, thinnai private dining studios, understanding clubs, and work gatherings. The thought depends on the antiquated social act of South India. It impeccably reflects south Indian culture and approach to everyday life. Generally, houses had raised thinnai restaurant bangalore stages at the entry of the home. It was situate thinnai bangalore inside or beyond the home. These raised stages are classified “Thinnai” in the Tamil Language. Thirdly Before current innovation individuals used to walk and would make little pitstops in towns on their way and would lay on these raised stages. Individuals in the home offered private dining in Jayanagar food and water to the explorers. Thinnai likewise filled in as a space for get-togethers.

Similarly Tesoro Thinnai is an ideal spot to have a heartfelt supper for your accomplice at a reasonable rate.

Bengalureans, get ready to experience a unique dining experience and no. Thinnai private dining thinnai bangalore it’s not any restaurant or hotel in the city. But, in fact, this online company will book and host a private ambience for you where you can dine or host workshops and meetings too. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Looking for a new experience in Namma Ooru? We’ve found one for you! Thinnai, an online social platform thinnai restaurant bangalore allows. People to book a unique semi-private ambience to dine, work remotely, and have a personal or professional meeting in a variety of spaces that are crowdsource by them and can be rent on an hourly or per session basis.

After that Right from the space, and Amenities to dine as well as the cutlery to the crockery and drinking water, everything will be take care of by Thinnai. Best part? So, you can order and relish your favourite food at the Thinnai space and dine in privacy without Compromising on your food Preferences. Wonder what kind of spaces Thinnai offers? Well, you can book a rooftop, porch, lawn, balcony, backyard or Farmhouse. And also let the brand know about your Personalized Ambience, mood setup, occasion and Preferences to enjoy the unique dining experience!

Most Importantly Called the future of dining out. All you need to do is book a Thinnai space and order food from your favourite restaurants or just ask for the host’s personalized menu to indulge in some tasty home-cooked meals. And if you want to join as a host in thinnai Bangalore the Thinnai community, private dining in Jayanagar you need to upload your private dining in bangalore space’s images and add a list of food options on the menu to earn some rental income. Book your private dining STAT!

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