Photo of Horse Traveling By Local Train Going Viral

Photo of Horse Traveling By Local Train Going Viral

Reports suggest that the Eastern Railway authorities could not confirm the authenticity of the photo and ordered a probe.

A photo of a horse standing in a crowded West Bengal city train has gone viral on social media, though the railway has not confirmed the footage and has ordered an investigation to identify the photo and find out how it happened. . . According to reports, the photo was taken on the Sealdah-Diamond Harbor train in the area. The owner also stood there. While it is not uncommon to see small cows traveling on regional trains in West Bengal, the horse in the viral photo is not a small animal and is believed to be back after competing in Baruipur.

Although passengers asked the man to board the train with the big horse, he ignored him and gave him and his horse a chance, according to reports. The horse is believed to be part of a competition organized in South Baruipur 24 Parganas.

A spokesperson for the Eastern Railway admitted that they also saw the photo, but they are not sure if something like this actually happened.

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