Places to Visit in Kashmir to See the Best of This Heaven On Earth!

places to visit in kashmir

Kashmir is undoubtedly the most gorgeous destination in India. Top 5 Places to visit in Kashmir If you want to experience heaven on Earth, then Kashmir is the place to be at. You must plan your visit to Kashmir according to Srinagar to the season that will make your vacation extraordinary. Best houseboats to stay in Srinagar the spring season starts in March and stays till early May. Shikara riding and the summer season is observed from May to August. Shikara riding During these seasons the weather is heavenly. And you can spend your days exploring around while cool breeze soothes your body. The best time to visit Kashmir is between March to August. And to make your trip memorable you must visit during these months.

Places to visit in Kashmir

Some places are traveled, some are explored, and some are lived. Top 5 Places to visit in Kashmir But Kashmir must be felt. It’s beauty and allure will be etched in your memory for a long time. To see the best of this heaven on earth, however, you must not just visit and stay. You must do things – all of the most amazing things to do in Kashmir – shikara riding you must try them. That is the only way to see what these amazing valleys have tucked in their basket of goodness.

Silk-sunset, certain shades of white, best houseboats to stay in Srinagar tar on the roads, gloom beyond the oil lamp floating over the lake, Srinagar ripples in the water, fog on the mirror, garden of the spring, the palace of the fairies, subject of the poems, emptiness in the eyes, absence of words, forever in ordinary things and the old roses on a breeze, where love arrives in memories of forever to liberate us into life – Srinagar! Best houseboats to stay in Srinagar The tourist places in Srinagar top 5 places to visit in Kashmir offer breathtaking views and mesmerizing locations to die for.


Srinagar wakes up with Fajr (pre –dawn prayers) and zikr where life sings winter melodies on nine bridges, connecting the city best houseboats to stay in Srinagar that smells of heaven on both sides of Jhelum River, top 5 places to visit in Kashmir a river that passes through the city, meanders through the valley, deepening into the traveler’s paradise – Dal Lake.

The city takes on the morning light mirroring the mountains, shikara riding when the moon still hangs pale over the tranquil Dal Lake, which ornaments an array of alluring houseboats where the lovers’ find home watching a promise of the snow filling up the woods. The lake’s less urbanized eastern shore is decorated with the Mughal gardens that speaks of history strung out for several kilometers. The subdued fortress and the familiar wooden mosques of the old times makes a mark at the center of the city in this era of remembering all that once existed. Easy wind, downy flake and the promises to keep between the woods and frozen lake, Srinagar awaits for you, to dream within a dream. Best houseboats to stay in Srinagar So, come and explore the best tourist places in Srinagar.


The nearest India can make to being a ski resort is via its pine fringed Gulmarg. Situated at an elevation of 2730 meters above sea level, it well justifies the Meadow of Flowers tag that it has received. The meadow is given a visual highlight by the 1890s Anglican Church of St Mary’s that sits on a lonely hillock which can be accessed off the dead-end road that links the 1965 neo-colonial style Hotel Highlands Park to the historic Gulmarg Golf Club. However, the key reason to visit Gulmarg is just not the same.

You must visit Gulmarg to explore the backing stands of the splendid mature pines traversing you to the elevation of bald Mt Afarwat. To make it to mountain, you can either trek on foot or take help from ponies at a meagre amount of INR 300 per hour. However, the easiest way out is using the two-stage gondola cable car that flutters you to 3747m. The impressive clear day views from the top are worth the ride. During this ride, you’ll encompass Nanga Parbat which is the world’s ninth highest mountain peak located across Pakistan.

Booking for this online can help save you from the long queues especially in the peak season of May and June. This service can however be cancelled either due to civil unrest or during bad weather and getting a refund from the organizers can get really annoying then. Base station of Gandola is situated about 1 km west of the bus stand.

Gulmarg info

Gulmarg endeavors you with more than 40 choices of accommodation each of them beautiful in their own very way. In the months of July. An average room fare (for a night) will be around INR 2000 for the old looking stays and INR 5000 for newer stays. Prices of the hotels see a drop of 20% in the winter season and a further dramatic drop when there is civil unrest in Srinagar or during the less popular months like September.


Sonmarg is a tiny town of Kashmir situated 9,000 kms above sea level at the bank of the gushing Sindh river. This picturesque town is located in Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir and is just 70 km away from the Srinagar International Airport. The valley is the connecting point of a number of Himalayan peaks like Kolhoi peak, Amarnath peak, Sirbal Peak, and so on. The charming view of the place becomes more attractive with the wide varieties of flowers and alpine trees gracing this quaint town.

Here you can enjoy, meadows of gold, sun-kissed peaks, breathtaking lakes and towering glaciers, all in one place. This beautiful Himalayan town is full of mountain ranges and valleys to explore through trekking. It is a base camp for trekkers going to Ladakh and for many trekking routes to different lakes of Kashmir, such as Krishnasar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Vishansar Lake, and so on. During winter the valley covered with snow offers an opportunity to the tourist to enjoy sledding or skiing or snow fighting.

The tourists can also enjoy fishing trout and other species in Vishansar Lake, Krishnasar Lake, Gangabal Lake, and so on. If you like water activities, Sonmarg provides you the opportunity to enjoy white water rafting. To enjoy the true natural beauty of Kashmir, the tourists can explore places like Nilagrad.

It was the gateway to the Silk Road connecting Kashmir with China. Except for the winter months (November to February), The month of April to October is the pick time to experience the beauty of flowery meadows, snow-covered peaks, frozen glaciers, waterfalls, and pristine lakes. But if you are interested in snow-related adventures like skiing, ice skating, and sledding on frozen glaciers, winter is the best time for you to visit Sonmarg.

Betaab Valley

In the year 1983, this little Kashmiri Valley formed the backdrop of the hit Bollywood flick Betaab. Since then, the former Hagan Valley has earned its name ‘Betaab’ Valley. With its backdrop dotted with coniferous forests, gushing streams and meadows, best houseboats to stay in Srinagar the beauty of Betaab beckons to all those looking to escape into the serenity of the natural world.

Although lacking in organized tourist spots, Betaab can be one of the best top 5 places to visit in Kashmir for day picnics or weekend getaways. One can also enjoy a number of trekking trails here.

Location: near Pahalgam, Baramulla, Hajan, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Highlights: Photography, trekking, nature camping, ‘Bobby’ hut


Amidst the Liddar Valley sits a picturesque destination in Kashmir – Pahalgam. It is located in the Anantnag district in Jammu at an elevation of 2740 metres above sea level. Popularly it is called the Valley of Shepherds. Also, it is one of the most sumptuous destinations in India and it must be on your bucket list when you chalk down the places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

In the middle of tranquillity, you will surely find many out-of-the-world destinations too. Some of the stunning lakes such as Sheshnag Lake will surely take your breath away and beauteous pine trees will follow you wherever you go. If you are waiting for an adrenaline pump, you have plenty to look forward to on your trip to Pahalgam. Initiate trekking on a hill or climbing the Himalayas from a suitable summit and unleash all the adrenaline. If you visit this place in the right season, you will have one of the most remarkable skiing experiences as well.

Apart from this, Firstly if you are looking to spend some quality time with your family on a holiday, you could not choose a better domestic destination than Pahalgam. It offers everything for all age groups, especially kids who have a gala time moving around this beautiful place a lot. You might want to indulge in various activities with them too by zorbing, sitting in various rides at famous amusements parks and what not!

The weather is quite chilly from November to February with plenty of snow around. In the later months until April, it gets a bit warmer, albeit the minimum temperature hovers around 2-3 Degrees Celsius.

Vaishno Devi

One of the most popular religious places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir, Vaishno Devi draws in millions of devotees. Vaishno Devi is believed to be a trio of three Goddesses: Mahalaxmi, Maha Saraswati, and Mahakali, in Hindu mythology.

The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga and has a holy cave where people come to pay their respects. It is a famous site to undertake a religious trek which involves an uphill climb of about 13 kms. The trek can be completed on foot in 6-9 hours or one can use helicopter services/ ride on a horse to reach the shrine on the top. The trail is filled with a number of shops that sell a variety of snacks and refreshments along with religious souvenirs here.

Highlights: Religious site, trekking, scenic views, photography etc.

Drung Waterfall

One of the best tourist places in Kashmir, this unique waterfall attracts tourists to Drung throughout the year. During summers, the gushing waters of the waterfall merges seamlessly with the green river below, and is quite a sight to behold in winters, however, when the land is steeped in snow, the Drung Waterfall too, freezes over- like a moment stuck in time, the water here clings to the rocks in massive pieces of ice.

The lake below remains crystal blue and clear, adding an ethereal charm to the place.

Location: Drung, Jammu and Kashmir 193402]

Highlights: Frozen waterfall, refreshment shops


One of the least visited of Kashmir places, Sanasar is a little cup shaped meadow in the Jammu region. Named after the two villages of Sana and Sar, the meadow is known for its Gulmarg-like beauty. Sanasar is one among the most popular of top 5 places to visit in Kashmir for trekking and camping; But several hiking trails of moderate difficulty snake their way through the hills here, making it an ideal place for amateurs as well as experts in the sport.

A 5-hour long trek leads to the Shank Pal Temple here, a famed 400-year-old Temple dedicated to the snake-God Naga. The town is also home to one of the highest 9-hole golf courses in the country.

Highlights: Trekking, camping, Naga temple, snow sports


One of the most priceless of Kashmir tourist places, the Amarnath Shrine is among the most popular of Hindu shrines across the world. Perched at an altitude of over 3,800 feet above ground, reaching Amarnath requires a fair bit of trekking. On the way, one can witness the confluence of the river Amaravati with Pantjarni, and can also take a quick dip in the former.

Owing to its height, Because the cave remains sealed shut with snow through a major part of the year and is open to devotees only for a few short months. The biggest highlight of the Amarnath Cave shrine is the naturally occurring Shiva Lingam housed within its womb, formed out of water drops that collect and freeze inside the cave.

Location: Baltal Amarnath Trek, Forest Block, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192230

Highlights: Amaravati snaan, naturally occurring Shiva Lingam, stunning views

shikara riding

Aru Valley

One of the most underrated top 5 places to visit in Kashmir, Aru Valley stands out in its quiet beauty. Riddled with pristine lakes and scenic meadows, the untrodden valley can be a great place for a weekend escapade or a day picnic. The many lakes here offer several scenic picnic spots, although one can spend a happening time trout fishing in their waters as well.

Horse riding and trekking are also popular tourist spots in Aru, with several hiking trails making their way through the hills here. Aru Valley is a popular Kashmir tourist places for snow sports as well, with Heli skiing and skiing being some of the most sought-after winter adventures here.

Highlights: trout fishing, winter sports, horse riding, trekking

Things To Do in Kashmir

Shikara Ride

Lay back and admire the beauty of the distant mountains as your boatman takes you through a ride across the lake. Shikara riding Away from the hustle bustle of the polluted city life, a shikara ride ranks on the top of the list of the best things to do in Kashmir. No smoke or sound of the vehicles, no high-pitched angry crowd, nothing. Shikara riding Just the soft sound of the boatman’s oar breaking the surface of the water and the touch of the cold water as you trail your hand on the surface of the lake.

Where To Try: Dal Lake in Srinagar and Manasbal Lake near Sonamarg
Timings: 6:00 am – 5:00 pm; all days of the week
Cost Per Person: INR 150 – INR 250

Houseboat Stay

And it is not just the shikhara rides in Dal Lake. This is one of the best offbeat things to do in Srinagar. Spending a night at the houseboat docked at the Dal Lake. Jetty is also among the top things to do in Kashmir. Be it honeymooners, families, or solo travelers; a night stay at one of the houseboats in Srinagar is something that you simply cannot miss. The houseboats have Wifi and airport transfer facilities available. You can also avail of the facilities of the meal provided by them. Houseboat stay facility in Jammu and Kashmir is the best to experience. If you are here with your family, a group of friends, or with your partner.

‘Gondola’ Cable Car Ride

Riding the Gondola cable car is one of the exciting. And fun things to do in Kashmir for people of all ages. Tourists prefer to travel via cable car to enjoy the best views of the snowcapped mountains. Taking a Gondola ride is one of the best things to do in Kashmir in May. Because during this month, the summers are coming to an end and the view is really great.

The ride takes place in three phases.

  • Phase 1: Gulmarg to Kongdoori
  • Phase 2: Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak
  • Phase 3: Kongdoori to Mary Shoulder [Chair Lift]

Timings: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Ride) | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Ticket sale); all days of the week
Cost Per Person: INR 600 (Phase I) | INR 800 (Phase II) | INR 300 (Chair Lift)

Kashmiri Cuisine

Like in any other destination across the world, trying. So The local cuisine is one of the most important things to do in Kashmir. We all have heard about the Kashmiri Kahwa (tea) and Lamb Mutton Rogan Josh. But the cuisine has many more sumptuous dishes. These include Nadroo Yakhni (yogurt based Kashmiri curry with lotus stems). Paneer Chaman (fried paneer simmered in tomato sauce and flavored with spices and fennel seeds powder). Dum Aloo, Matschgand (minced meatballs cooked in spicy red gravy), and Gushtaba (minced mutton cooked in flavorful yogurt gravy and spices).

Best Restaurants: Alchi Kitchen, Stream Restaurant, The Habit – Cafe & Grill

 Pony Ride Excursions

Pony is a common mode of transport in the valleys of Kashmir. Best houseboats to stay in Srinagar Taking a short pony ride. In the beautiful valleys is another interesting thing to do in Kashmir. Pony rides in Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Yusmarg, and Gulmarg are very popular. Pony rides are more common in places where transport cannot be motorized. Taking a pony ride is a great way to enjoy the real lifestyle of Jammu and Kashmir.


For all those adrenaline junkies,Because there is also an option to go for paragliding. The majestic, beautiful valley beneath is a sight to behold. The unique view of the green valley’s makes paragliding one of the most thrilling things to do in Kashmir. Paragliding options are available in Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Bhaderwah, Sanasar, and Harwan (Srinagar). Of these, paragliding in Harwan is most easily accessible. As it lies on the route of the tour of the Grand Mughal Gardens.

best houseboats to stay in srinagar

Note: Refer to the Website for details about paragliding at Harwan.


With mountains generously covering the landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, Trekking has become one of the best things to do here. Though in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, shikara riding trekking in Ladakh is more famous. There are short treks and hikes that tourists can take in the valleys of Kashmir. But There are many high-altitude alpine lakes in Kashmir. Such as Vishansar Lake, Tarsar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Alpather Lake, and Satsar Lake.

Since these beautiful lakes can only be access after scaling the hills. However, Trekking has become one of the best things to do in Kashmir for the nature lovers and adventure seekers. But No matter how long the trek is, the final view from the top is definitely going to be breathtaking. Make sure you wear a comfortable and grippy pair of footwear to the trek. Carry enough water to drink and wear you sunscreens too.


The three regions of Jammu, Kashmir. And Ladakh have numerous trekking spots making it a wonderful place for an activity like camping in Kashmir. Camping in Kashmir allows visitors to feel the ambiance of the beautiful place. Pahalgam is the ultimate destination to go for quaint camping. After That Other places include remotest valleys of Chatpal, Daksum, and Karnah.

What are the main tourist attractions in Kashmir?

1. Shalimar Bagh: Firstly Often called the ‘Crown of Srinagar’, Shalimar Bagh stands out as the epitome of Mughal architecture in Kashmir. One of the most visited of Kashmir tourist places. Moreover, shikara riding the well-sculpted gardens feature lush flowering lawns and fountains. With paved walkways snaking their way through its length.

2. Dal Lake:
Set against the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains, Dal Lake is often regarded as one of the most beautiful top 5 places to visit in Kashmir. Meanwhile The Dal is renowned for its floating gardens, which teem with lotuses during the monsoon months. The traditional Shikara boat is a permanent part of the Dal landscape as well and offers tours around the lake.

3. Pangong Lake:
Thirdly Having risen to fame after its appearance in the Bollywood hit ‘3 Idiots’, The Pangong Lake is now among the most sought-after of Kashmir tourist places. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayan peaks. So The unique lake is know to change colors throughout the year- from blue to green and even grey!

4. Hemis National Park:
Reaching up to an altitude of over 6,000 meters above the sea, Hemis National Park is the highest altitude park in the world. Home to the rare snow-leopard, best houseboats to stay in Srinagar. The Park attracts wildlife enthusiasts to itself throughout the year. It also serves as a great location for winter trekking and camping expeditions.

What are the famous places in Kashmir for a honeymoon trip?

1. Tulip Gardens: Nestled at the foot of the Dal Lake, So the Tulip shikara riding Gardens are among the most enchanting of top 5 places to visit in Kashmir on a honeymoon trip. During the months of spring, Shikara riding the Garden remains full and brimming with tulips of every hue and shades. shikara riding Carefully gathered from across the globe.

2. Tso Moriri Lake:
The highest of all high-altitude lakes in India, best houseboats to stay in Srinagar the enchanting beauty captivates all. Flanked by peaks on all sides. But the crystal-clear lake perfectly mirrors the sky above shikara riding it and is quite a spectacle to witness. Owing to its altitude, however, the lake can only be accesses during the summer months.

3. Nishat Bagh:
Also known as the ‘Garden of Delight’, Because best houseboats to stay in Srinagar Nishat Bagh is one of the best Kashmir places that one can visit with their loved ones. Commanding excellent views of the Zabarwan mountains. The Dal Lake and the Pir Panjal ranges, the garden offers the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening stroll.

4. Gulmarg Strawberry Valley:
Top 5 places to visit in Kashmir During summer each year, So the Gulmarg Strawberry Valley comes to life. The snow-studded valley is teeming with strawberry bushes, which remain covered in fruit during harvest season. Although the strawberry valley is a great place for a picnic. One can also take a tour or a horseback ride here.

What are the best things to do in Kashmir?

1. Take a Gondola Ride in Gulmarg: Firstly Offering unparalleled views of the towering Himalayas, So the Gondola Ride in Gulmarg is one of its top attractions. The Gulmarg Gondola is Asia’s highest cable car ride as well.

2. Take a Shikara ride on the Dal Lake:
One of the most romantic ways to spend your time in Srinagar is to take a Shikara ride along the Dal Lake. The traditional boat ambles idly along the lake. Best houseboats to stay in Srinagar Commanding excellent views of the water and the mountains that lay beyond it. So It is also a great way to experience the local culture of Kashmir.

3. Try your hand in snow sports:
 Being covered in thick snow for a major part of the year, Kashmir is ripe for snow sports. Skiing, heli-skiing, zorbing, and sledding. So Best houseboats to stay in Srinagar shikara riding are some of the most popular winter adventure options here.

4. Bike your way through the mountainside: 
If biking is your thing, then Kashmir’s tumultuous terrain is just right for you. Whether you want to take to the road on your own or join. Best houseboats to stay in Srinagar a group for a guided tour. So, shikara riding the ups and downs of the slopes here beg to be explore.
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