Professor Innovates Cow Dung Plaster And Neem Bricks To Keep Homes 7 Degrees Cooler

Professor Innovates Cow Dung Plaster And Neem Bricks To Keep Homes 7 Degrees Cooler

There was a time when Indians just needed to turn on the fan to relieve scorching summers. Now, due to the effects of climate change and global warming, one fan will not be enough. Therefore, air conditioners have become a summer necessity. Dr. Shivdarshan, a professor from Haryana, has a new eco-friendly invention for your homes that may eliminate the need for air conditioning in the future. He had invented cow dung and neem brick plasters that can keep homes 7 degrees cooler and even reduce the need for concrete which creates a significant carbon footprint. Here’s more on his stellar invention.

What did the professor invent?

In an interview with The Better India, Dr. Shivdarshan revealed that the use of concrete in buildings has a lifespan of 50 years. But after that, it ends up as non-recycled construction debris which is bad for the environment. To find an ecological solution to reduce the carbon footprint in buildings, the professor invented Vedic plaster and Gocrete bricks. Both are made with earth, cow dung and other natural and ecological materials. The businessman said that while people always calculate value when building their homes, they should also be concerned about the damage he is causing to the environment.

What was the inspiration behind his invention?

Dr. Shivdarshan worked as a professor at Murthal University in Sonipat. He later quit his job and became a consultant for IT-Delhi, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). While working on a sustainability project, he noticed villagers plastering their homes with cow dung. Villagers claimed that cow dung kept their homes cooler and acted as an insulator during winters. This is how the teacher was inspired to prepare Vedic chalk made of earth, clay, neem leaves and cow dung. Vedic plaster can replace the conventional concrete layer that smooths the walls.

How are Gocrete and Vedic plaster better than concrete houses?

Now, if you’re wondering how Vedic plaster and its other invention, Gocrete, are better than your regular concrete, here’s how. Dr Shivdarshan explained to The Better India that Gocrete is an eco-friendly product made from cow dung and other natural materials. While concrete absorbs 30% of the heat, Gocrete’s hand-cast bricks prevent up to 70% of the heat from entering your homes. So this means cooler houses during the muggy summers. Likewise, Vedic plaster also does not absorb heat and can actually keep your home 7 degrees cooler in the summer. During the winters, it acts as an insulator and keeps you warm.

The best part is that a customer who used Vedic plaster on their roofs revealed to The Better India that they can save at least ₹ 8,000 on their electricity bill thanks to their homes being cooler in the summer. So you can say goodbye to high electricity and air conditioning bills. Houses built with natural materials and an ecological lifestyle are the way of the future.

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