Pune’s Grandmother, 90, Finally Gets A Visa To Visit Her Home in Pakistan After 75 Years

Pune’s Grandmother, 90, Finally Gets A Visa To Visit Her Home in Pakistan After 75 Years

Home is where the heart is. Reema Varma left her home in Rawalpindi, Pakistan when she was 15 in 1947 fearing communal riots. Reena and her siblings went to Solan of Himachal for a long summer vacation. Her mother joined them later. The family hoped to return to Rawalpindi soon; however, the India-Pakistan partition changed everything. Reena, now 90, will finally be able to visit her old home in Pakistan, Prem Gali of Rawalpindi, named after her father, TOI reported.

Reena’s home in Pakistan – Prem Gali of Rawalpindi

Reena dreams of seeing her childhood home and visiting Prem Gali, where everyone calls her Toshi (her nickname). Reena posted photos of her home in Pakistan two years ago during the pandemic. After this, a Sajjad Bhai from Pakistani Rawalpindi searched for her house and finally located it. He also took pictures of the house and sent her a video.

Reena’s daughter Sonali, who lives in Gurgaon, tried to help her mother by applying for her Pakistan visa so that she could visit place. But Reena’s visa was not approved. Eventually, however, Reena decided to try again on the advice of a Pakistani journalist who suggested she make a video. As a result, her case was brought to the attention of Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar.

Reena’s solo trip to Rawalpindi in Pakistan

Reena also shares photos of what they got from Rawalpindi, an urn for storing pickles and a brass jug. She talks about what her life was like, the loss of her husband due to paralysis and all the changes that have happened to her. Reena is excited about her solo journey and feels safe. After all, Rawalpindi is home.

Reena received a 90 day visa

Reena eventually received a 90-day visa to visit her home in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She plans to visit her home in July and wonders if she can see it. She expressed her excitement to visit her other online connections from India Pakistan Heritage Club. Her memories of Prem Gali reside vividly in her memories.

The partition gave her parents a hard time, who had to leave their properties in Pakistan and settle in Delhi. Her parents could not get the land and lived on the rent for their whole life. Despite these significant changes in her life, Reena holds no grudges and feels only love and longing for what she had to leave behind in Pakistan.

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