Punjab Gets Its First Revolving Restaurant 

Punjab Gets Its First Revolving Restaurant. Have you been to a revolving restaurant? If not, then you must because the experience is simply amazing. The feeling of having scrumptious food while you get to see the entire city sitting right at your place itself is something that cannot be matched. The first revolving restaurant in India was in Surat and after that many other states and cities in India too got one. And finally now the land of five rivers, Punjab gets its first revolving restaurant in Jalandhar.

Rotating Restaurant In Jalandhar, Punjab

PPR bunch at Hotel Days, close to Jyoti Chowk sent off Punjab’s very first rotating café in Jalandhar on Friday. PPR gathering’s administrator, Anil Chopra inaugrated the café. The café is subsidiary with the notable food establishment Sandoz for Food in Delhi. As per Anil Chopra, this is the first turning café to be laid out in Punjab, and it is arranged on the 6th floor. Being arranged on the 6th floor, the eatery is set to provide its clients with a wonderful perspective on the whole city and delicious food simultaneously. Gurmeet Singh Ahluwalia from Sandoz said that they thought of spinning cafés in Mussorie and Delhi before Jalandhar. Sandoz incorporates 27 eating foundations, four occasion lobbies, and was perceived as Delhi’s Best Punjabi Restaurant Chain.

Spinning Restaurant In India

A spinning café frequently comprises of a pinnacle style feasting region that is worked to pivot 360 degrees and act as a tremendous turntable. Clients can take in an all encompassing perspective on the city without getting up from their seats thanks to the pivoting recurrence, which ranges somewhere in the range of one and multiple times consistently. Surat, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Haryana and Bihar are a portion of the urban communities in India which have rotating cafés. Presently at long last Punjab’s Jalandhar also will be added to the rundown after the send off of rotating eatery on Friday.

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