Reasons Why Cinemas Are Kept on The Upper Floors of Shopping Malls

Reasons Why Cinemas Are Kept on The Upper Floors of Shopping Malls

Large shopping malls with multiple showrooms under one roof are changing Indian shopping habits. Most of the time, people end up buying things they don’t even need and to get visitors to do so, marketers use various strategies. We will share one of these strategies in this article.

We all love watching movies on big screens in theaters and it has become one of the most common ways we meet friends and family to enjoy some time together. In doing so, we tend to ignore the fact that most malls have cinemas on the top floor. If you’ve started wondering what the reason is, let’s make it easier by giving you a hint that this is the same reason the food courts are on the top floor.

First, movie theaters require a large space which can sometimes take up an entire floor. Therefore, they are located on the upper floors of shopping malls, leaving the lower floors for other brands such as clothing and electronics. Now, speaking of the main reason, these are held aloft so that visitors can check out other stores and shops before arriving at the theater. While you’re at it, chances are that many people will end up buying something too. So it’s kind of a trap.

If they are placed near the entrance, viewers will watch the film and go home without spending time in the mall and the owners don’t want it. Now, speaking of food, there is one more reason, which is safety. Since there is a great possibility that an accident could happen in the kitchen which could result in a fire. So it becomes easy to evict people from the emergency door when the kitchen is on the upper floors. Apparently the lower floors are less prone to fires.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of ​​how shopping malls make you spend more money than you plan. If you know of other similar strategies used by companies, you can share them with us in the comments section.

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