Saudi Restaurant Prepares Samosa in The Toilet For 30 Years Making Foodies Angry

Saudi Restaurant Prepares Samosa in The Toilet For 30 Years Making Foodies Angry

Can you imagine the horror of eating snacks cooked from the toilet instead of in the kitchen? Well, this nightmare became a reality for this restaurant customers in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. According to local media, the restaurant was closed after being found to serve snacks and samosas to their customers prepared in their toilets. This terrible ‘food culture’ continues in this restaurant for the past 30 years. According to the report, the restaurant also used expired food such as meat and cheese, some of which come from two years.

Restaurant workers prepare samosas in the toilet

Workers from restaurants do not have a health card and clearly violate residency laws. Jeddah Municipality has actively raided and closed the restaurant that is not hygienic and illegal like that. This is not the first time a restaurant has been closed after an unhygienic condition.

In a similar example in Jeddah, the famous Shawarma food spot is closed in January after the rat is seen feeding their food items inside the restaurant. Mouse videos become viral on social media, demanding immediate action from the authorities. According to media reports, the authorities have immediately closed the restaurant, following social media.

Well, many have changed with respect to food hygiene in India and throughout the world after a pandemic. However, it is very important for you to choose restaurants and eateries carefully. They can be small, but must be well maintained. Ask yourself and even restaurant authorities. If you are still in doubt, don’t hesitate to leave the place.

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