Sarojini Nagar Shopping in Delhi

Sarojini nagar market shopping

Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi

Sarojini Nagar Shopping in Delhi. Located in the plush locality of Sarojini Nagar in South Delhi, lies the famous Sarojini Nagar market. Known for its cheap prices and an infinite variety of clothes and accessories, Sarojini Nagar market is one of the best markets for shopping in Delhi. If you are looking to buy clothes for your daily usage, Sarojini Nagar market would offer you an infinite range to choose from.

On a daily basis, the lanes of Sarojini Nagar market are flooded by buyers, flocking the streets from all parts of Delhi. The cheap price of clothes makes it an irresistible deal. The quality and price you get on these clothes have no match in any other market. Your daily wear t-shirts are available at a cheap bargain of INR 100. Not just daily wear clothes, the never-ending lanes of shops offer all kind of clothes. Updated with all the latest fashion trends, these shops at Sarojini Nagar market is the answer to all your shopping lists. Be it party wear or fancy clothes a celebrity donned at an event, you will find them at the famous Sarojini Nagar market.

Shopping at Sarojini Market

1. Shop the Zara, Vero Moda, Mango and Forever 21 at 1/4th of the original price.
2. The market is always up to date with new trends and panaches.
3. It offers a zillion varieties of shoes.
4. If you’re a jewellery junk, Sarojini is the go-to place for you. It offers enchanting jewellery at a really low cost.
5. Don’t forget to check out the trendy home decor, wall posters, frames, lamps etc.

Best Time To Visit Sarojini Market

The perfect time to visit the market is at the start of a new season. The shopkeepers import new goods at the beginning of a new season. With time, the most trendy and the best quality products are picked. For a most regular visit, you can opt to go on a weekday- you won’t miss out on fresh stock plus you can be safe of the weekend crowd (which can drive you frantic and claustrophobic).

Tips For Visiting Sarojini Market

1. Remember you have to be street smart. Bargain as much as you can. Sometimes the products are priced thrice of their actual selling price. Small tip- call out the price you want to pay and walk off, nine out of ten times, the vendor will call you back.
2. Check your items before purchasing, especially clothes, very carefully. Look for tiny cuts, or holes or rips. Do not forget the zips.
3. While buying cosmetics, be sure that they are not the original brands. They are the first copy of the packaging brands.
4. The street vendors selling big brand watches and goggles are fake. Do not confuse them with the original products. They might ask you INR 2000 for a watch; it’s okay to start bargaining from INR 200 (this may vary depending on the product).
5. Be aware of the snatchers and muggers. Keep your phones, wallets etc. safe.
6. If you have kids with you, make sure you are really attentive. High chances they might wander off and get lost in the thick of the market.
7. Carry enough cash as the market has just two ATMs with a long long queue.
8. You might want to carry a king-sized bags as the thin polythenes might tear apart quickly.

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