Scariest Black Magic Places In India

Scariest Black Magic Places In India

In India, to perform black magic on someone is a crime but still black magic assam some people use black magic spells to get rid of their problems. There are some people in India dangerous places in india places in india who not only black magic kolkata believe in black magic. India dangerous place but also tries to learn it. There are many places in our country where black magic is still practice, Scariest Black Magic Places in India by aghoris. The Aghori are know to engage in post-mortem rituals. Many travellers and visitors also come to learn voodoo spells also called black magic from aghoris.

To perform black magic at many places, human corpse as well as animal’s bones are use. Even, there are places where black magic is perform through sex.

Detrimental Effects of Black Magic

Black Magic, Sorcery or Witchcraft is generally practise by Tantrics with an intention of inflicting negativity into a person’s life. The activities done using black magic are mostly palpable which might result in some detrimental effects on a person’s physical and mental status.

Scariest Black Magic Places in India

Scariest Black Magic Places in India. Indeed, dark enchantment actually exists, and many individuals are butcher every year in its name. The lamentable part is that there are no regulations to address this. Assuming you accept that dark wizardry just happens in rustic regions, you are mixed up. This black magic or dark enchantment even influences significant metropolitan regions even beyond India, similar to Poland. These are finished by self-portrayed or aghori babas who charge extreme expenses to do them. The following are 5 spots in India that are disliked for dark sorcery.

1. Kushabhadra River, Odisha

Dark enchantment is rehearsed around here, many bones and skulls have been found under the Kushabhadra River. It is the first name that would  occur to mind while speaking about Black magic in India. As Odisha is the poorest state with low literacy rate, such activities are practised to earn money. The area at the banks of Kushabhadra river near Konark is notorious for black magic, where numerous bones and skulls are found.

Orissa is the place where news of harming people through black magic comes every day. It is said that black magic is practiced near Kushabhadra River. When police inspected the place they found corpse of dead people and bones of human at this place.

2. Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi

Scariest Black Magic Places In India

Varanasi is a center for black magic because there are a lot of aghori babas who live there and eat corpses because they think it gives them more power. This covert practice of black magic takes place at Manikarnika Ghat.

The cremating grounds of Varanasi, named Manikarnika Ghat is, unfortunately, the center of black magic where the infamous Naga Sadhus and Aghoris are prevalent. These practitioners consume the dead bodies, from pyres to gain the supernatural powers. Varanasi or Kasi, which is the most scare place for Hindu pilgrims where Lord Shiva is the reverend god, is also worship by tantric to gain supernatural powers.

Shamshan in Varanasi is consider as the largest place where Aghoris are find. They practice black magic on dangerous places in india Crematorium ground. It is claim that aghoris have vision to see future. These aghoris can walk on water and can do good and bad with others.

They say that they perform black magic to make lord shiva and goddess kaali happy, so they get more power in return from them if they make them happy.

3. Mayong Village, Assam

From centuries Mayong Village is popular for black magic. Even Mughal Generals and Britishers feared coming to this village. Due to black magic, many people in Mayong village disappear or pass away. There are tales of people convert into animals in this place. A majority of black magic assam the population of villagers knows and practices black magic. Villagers believe that this power has pass down through generations.

Mayong is the small village in Assam where black magic is still practice by black magicians, at homes. The fear of this village dangerous places in india india dangerous place is so much that people of other villages get scare just by its name. It is say that in the entire world black magic ritual was first performed in Mayong.

How Mayong got its name

The origin of the name Mayong is back by a number of stories and sources, however, there isn’t any concrete evidence of them true. Some people say that it is derive from the Sanskrit word maya, which means ‘illusion’, while others believe that it is take from the word miyong, meaning elephant in black magic assam the Dimasa language. Some locals say that in the ancient era, the place used to be the habitat of the Moi rang clan from Manipur and thus, the word moirang became mayhong and finally, turned into Mayong.

The history of Mayong

There are all sorts of famous, creepy stories about the place, like people disappearing into thin air, men being turn into animals, wild beasts tamed magically, etc. Though there’s no clear evidence to all of this, the locals and elderly people here claim that they themselves have seen such things happen in Mayong and therefore, regard these stories to be true. One such story is of Muhammad Shah and his army. It is say that during war times in the 1330s, Muhammad Shah’s 100,000 horsemen disappear near Mayong due to black magic and witchcraft and not a single trace was left behind.

4. Sultan Sashi, Hyderabad

Hyderabad is regard as the Centre of these traditions, primarily in the Sultan Shahi neighborhood. There are several different babas who practice black magic some even charge excessive sums of money or “Animal Bali.” Chitrika, Mogulpura, and Shalibanda are three more locations in Hyderabad where black magic is still practice.

There are a few areas in Hyderabad such as Sultanshahi, Moghalpura, Chatrinaka, Shalibanda etc. Where Babas and Sadhus are india dangerous place commonly find practicing black magic and suggesting having sex with, claiming the removal of the bad effects. Many of the Hindu and Muslim practitioners are find in these places.

Sultan sashi place in Hyderabad is famous to perform black magic for love. There is a baba who lives here, who have sex with females. It is believe that womens come here to have sex with baba so that they can overcome problems in their married life. Still, there is no law here to stop this crime.

5. Nimtala Ghat, Kolkata

india dangerous place

Nimtala Ghat is also unpopular for black magic like Manikarnika Ghat. It is the place of final rites for the dead. At midnight, black magic kolkata aghori babas come to this location and consume the corpses of the dead.

It is say that aghoris visit nimtatla ghat at midnight and eat the dead body. They say that they get different energy black magic kolkata after eating mass of human by doing evil spells.

So, these are the places where black magic is still perform. It is good if you black magic kolkata don’t dangerous places in india believe in black magic, but it is advise whenever you visit these locations go with caution, because you believe or don’t believe in black magic spells, india dangerous place the trick of black magic can harm you.

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