Secret Trails Near Shimla

Secrets Trails Near Shimla

Secret Trails Near Shimla;

The mountains provide you a home, no matter where you come from and stay.Secret Trails Near Shimla.They provide travellers the solace that we didn’t know we needed. The dense forest covers, abundant wildlife and secret gems for wanderers – the mountains are mystical. Himachal Pradesh is one such state that welcomes travellers of all types, from the ones who wish to spend time in solitude to the ones who wish to explore and experience adventures. And, Shimla being one of the hotspot of tourists, still has numerous secretive trails and treks, ever ready to amaze the adventurer in you.

And what can be better than know the hidden places of a place than from the locals. Bringing to you an assorted list of trails near Shimla, which will get you addicted to trekking!


1. Seepur

Secret Trails Near Shimla;


A walk from the iconic Mashobra to Seepur is a feeling that will stay with you forever. Walk through the pretty pine forests, and check out the quaint villages in the around the area. A total treat for you soul awaits for the adventurer in you. Not only pretty landscapes, but you will come across vintage bungalows built during British eras – a total must-see to know how these structures enhance the beauty of Himachal Pradesh.


2. Potter’s Hill

Secret Trails Near Shimla;


One of the best trails near Shimla, you begin from Potter’s Hill to walk through forests, valleys, and even waterfalls. You will come across pretty villages in this trail walk. This trail is a mixed one, with a uphill trek, walk along a rivulet, and so much more. After reaching the Cecil, after a long walk, you can be picked up from the destination too. If you explore the nooks of this trail, you will truly see what Shimla’s flora and fauna is all about. Undoubtedly, one of the best trails near Shimla for you to tread on.


3. Naldehra


A place only the Shimla locals are well acquainted with, Naldehra is a total must-visit place to soak in the wilderness of Shimla’s beauty. The spot from where the trail begins is a picturesque location with amazing views. The trail is the one you would leisurely want to walk on during a relaxed trip. Shimla’s mountains and hills nestle many hidden treks, and as you interact and talk to the locals, make sure you try to find out more on the trails near Shimla which isn’t a tourist hot spot!

4. Chanshal Pass



Goodness! You will be entranced by the excellence of this objective – Chanshal Pass. It is one of the greatest tops in Shimla and home to a few stunning perspectives. What establishes this spot separated from the others is the way that it will serve you with beautiful scenes and landscapes, regardless of the season you visit the spot in.




This trail starts from Mashobra and closes in Charabara. On the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, yet Charabara is likewise the spot that houses the President’s mid year retreat house. A wonderful, British bungalow style compositional house which is an incredible sight. What you will go over in one of the grand paths close to Shimla are all encompassing perspectives on the Himalayas. A view that will totally hypnotize your spirit. Assuming that you’re in Shimla, and it isn’t pouring down like there’s no tomorrow, do go to this area to locate this excellence.

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