Singapore Introduces New Beer Made of Sewage Water And Urine

Singapore NEWBrew Beer

Beer lovers! Singapore has launched a new beer and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. It is an eco-friendly beer that is made by recycling water. No, we are not kidding. Advertised as the “greenest beer ever”, NEWBrew is made from recycled sewage water and urine. Read on to find out more about the shocking new beer in town.

Singapore’s NEWBrew Made Of Recycled Sewage Water

In an effort to give spirits an eco-friendly twist, Singapore launched NEWBrew. This beer brand makes its drinks with recycled liquid from sewage which is filtered and pumped into Singapore’s water supply. Before you can wonder about the smell and taste of this beer, don’t worry, you wouldn’t even know what it’s made of unless someone told you. Before the water turns into NEWBrew, it goes through a series of stringent tests and filtration processes. The sewage is treated to be ultra-clean.



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Beer launched to tackle Singapore’s water crisis

A BBC report reveals that NEWBrew, advertised as the “greenest beer”, is poised to tackle Singapore’s growing water crisis. Preparation requires a lot of water. Specifically, 90 percent of beer is water. So you can imagine how much water is used to brew beer all over the world. This drink was launched by Singapore to raise awareness of the country’s growing water crisis.

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