Snake Head In Flight Meal found by flight attendant

Snake head in flight meal

Snake Head In Flight Meal found by flight attendant:

Encountering horrible food on flights is to a greater degree a custom now and individuals investigate every possibility to transform it into bad dreams. A lodge team part in a Turkish carrier had a horrendous encounter after she found a cut off snake head in her dinner. According to news reports, the episode occurred while the Turkish aircraft was going from Antara, Turkey to Germany on July 21, 2022. The airline steward told that she found the snake head in her feast box while eating the dinner.

Snake Head In Flight Meal Horrors Is Real

For a not many this kind of occurrence in-flight dinner may stun. What’s more, obviously, a couple could try and quit eating on flights out and out. A video of the whole episode surfaced on the web, where one can see the top of a snake lying among potatoes, greens and veggies. Investigate the video here –

Is It Safe To Eat From Flight Meal Services?

All things considered, you could by and large quit appreciating dinners on trips in the wake of encountering such an occasion. The Turkish aircraft additionally didn’t keep silent yet managed the circumstance by suspending the flight’s cooking administrations. As per reports, an examination has likewise been sent off yet the occurrence was recorded.


Further, the carrier gave an assertion citing that they have more than thirty years of involvement with the Turkish flying industry and their point is to offer protected and agreeable types of assistance to their visitors installed. They informed that a legitimate examination has been sent off following the cases made by the lodge team part.

Then again, the catering administrations giving the dinners on the flight denied the claims and let the media know that the snake head probably been added.

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