5 Places in India Snowing in The Summer

Snow Places in India

Visiting winter destinations during the winter season is fun. But the joy of going to the mountains and experiencing the snow during the summer season is unparalleled. And India has many beautiful destinations where you can ski and feel the fresh snow on your cheeks while the rest of India wipes the sweat away in the scorching summer heat. So, here are 5 places in India that snow in the summer.


Snowing in the summer is magical and surprising. ‘Sissu’ surprised people and tourists in Himachal by suddenly snowing at the end of May. What a surreal experience it is for people who travel and explore this quaint Himachal town right now and experience snow in the summer.

Zero point, Lachung

One of the best places to experience winter during the summer is to simply visit Lachung, the last outpost of civilization. This means that you can experience snowfall here throughout the year. You can witness spellbinding scenic beauty at the top-most point of North Sikkim. There are rough terrains, Himalayan mountains, pine trees and so much more that make it a picture-perfect destination.


Nestled 7200 feet above sea level in Jammu and Kashmir, Pahalgam is a dreamy hilly station, that promises fairytale vibes. Even during summers, Pahalgam is bathed in snow, the tall pine forests stand tall and the Himalayan mountains look majestic as ever. The Valley of Shepherds is one of the best places to visit in summer for a winter getaway. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds?


Forget traveling to Serbia to experience the frost and snow, when you can travel to Drass in Kashmir. Drass is the world’s second coldest inhabited world after Serbia. So, you can imagine snowfall even in May here. A small town of Kargil, Drass is home to the beautiful Ningoor Masjid, picturesque Tiger Hill, and the Drass War Memorial. Don’t forget to take a dip in the hot springs of Puga Valley.


Gulmarg is aptly called the Switzerland of India. Like Switzerland, Gulmarg also has a pleasant and even cold climate during the summer season. From wooded hills, to snow-capped peaks, pristine lakes to divine places of worship, there is something here for every traveler. Adventure lovers can hike, ski, and even enjoy panoramic views of the hill station on a gondola ride.

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