Special Red Wine Chai At Just ₹30 In Pune

Special Red Wine Chai
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Special Red Wine Chai At Just ₹30 In Pune

Chai imbued with red wine?Special Red Wine Chai At Just ₹30 In Pune. Wow, what? You can enjoy this exceptional tea at Pune’s The Chai Chaska Bar and Cafe. Subsequently, in the event that you’re a tea devotee and love wine as well, this drink may be a mixture for you. The best piece is that Red Wine Chai here is sold at just ₹30. The Chai Chaska Bar and Cafe is a well known drink chain in Pune that makes in excess of 30 novel assortments of tea at pocket-accommodating rates. The brand additionally sells espresso, kuka, chocolate shakes and natural product shakes.


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A Paradise For Chai Lovers In Pune

Tea can be a solution for such countless repressed feelings. The shivering inclination and the glow they produce help to invigorate our contemplations and free us from the tension from regular daily existence. Likewise, kulhad chai holds a unique spot in our souls. The pot to-kulhad tea at The Chai Chaska Bar and Cafe is profoundly stimulating. Also, it serves different liquor enhanced chai like red wine chai, lager chai, vodka chai and rum chai. However no real liquor is utilised to make these teas, the flavourings can give you a bang.


Hoard On Kulhad Maggi And Kulhad Pizza

Aside from tea and espresso, the food joint additionally serves grubs like sandwich, burger, pasta and bun maska. One can likewise savor around nine kinds of Maggie here. Here, you can attempt extraordinary Kulhad Pizza and even Kulhad Maggi. Or on the other hand make some heartfelt memories with your bae over a cup of fragrant Rose Chai. The chai bar additionally makes Paan Chai, Kesar Kulfi Chai, Dalchini Chai and Chocolate Chai. Additionally, healthy chai combos here come at costs as low as ₹89.



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