Spooky Places In India

Spooky places in india

Spooky Places In India

It could sound a piece amazing, however there is a colossal fanbase for creepy spots with spooky and secretive stories. India has uncountable spots with loathsomeness stories and individuals frequently adventure into these spots to see regardless of whether all that they hear is valid. Spooky places in India.This is without a doubt something not really for timid ones. On the off chance that you are courageous hearted and find harrowing tales captivating, hold your seats tight, as we are sharing 5 most terrifying creepy spots in India.

 Spooky Places In India Will Give You Chills

Dumas Beach

Settled around 20 km from Surat, ‘Dumas Beach’ is one of the most alarming and creepy spots in Gujarat. This ocean side is certainly not a packed one and only very experience devotees head out here to see what the ghastliness is about. Well known for the dark sand, this ocean side has an adventure of tormented stories. It is accepted that this area was an incineration ground for the Hindus and the dark shaded sand is a result of the debris of those bodies. Local people accept that the spirits move around the area as they actually have unfulfilled longings. As a matter of fact, many individuals who went to investigate this ocean side previously, out of rush and interest, many didn’t return back from that point forward.


‘Kuldhara’ is a neglected town of Jaisalmer that is an extraordinary spot to investigate during the day however the very inverse around evening time. This interesting town has such countless tormented stories and nobody enters it after the sun sets toward the West. Very nearly 2 centuries back, one night the whole town needed to leave all that and leave the town out of nowhere. The justification for everything was the pastor, Salim Singh. He was severe to the residents and required high charges on them. On one occasion he needed to wed an extremely lovely little girl of Kundhara’s town boss, or, in all likelihood he would demand more expenses. The whole town chose to leave that evening and on the way, they reviled this land that nobody can at any point get comfortable here. What’s more, since that day, nobody might at any point live on this land.

Mukesh Mills

‘Mukesh Mills’ is a seriously popular spot in Mumbai known for shooting motion pictures and serials. There is likewise something else for which this area is known and it is the creepy stories and encounters. The spot looks very cumbersome with broken structures as it once burst into flames quite a while ago. Many individuals who worked here experienced many tormented sentiments. While shooting something here, the group makes a point to get together before the dusk. Many have seen individuals getting had or hearing clearly voices. Numerous entertainers rigorously stay away from this spot after they experienced such encounters. Truth be told, many even think about Mukesh Mills as quite possibly of Mumbai’s most creepy spot.

Dow Hill

Kurseong’s ‘Dow Hill’ is quite possibly of the most creepy spot in India you have known about. Settled around 30 km away from Darjeeling, this curious slope station is exceptionally gorgeous with cascades, tea gardens, thus a lot of nature’s appeal. Indeed, this spot isn’t totally known for its superbness. Individuals for the most part recall Dow Hill for all the ghastliness stories in the woods around evening time and the Victoria Boys High School after nightfalls. Local people share numerous accounts of this slope station with the voyagers. Many say that they can hear strides and giggling from the school during special times of year. Many have seen a headless kid and a lady wearing a saree inside the woodland. There are numerous accounts of this spot and these will unquestionably give you chills down your spine.

Shaniwar Wada

Worked for Bajirao I back in 1730, ‘Shaniwar Wada’ in Shaniwar Peth is a startling vacation destination in Pune. The shocking tale of this verifiable stronghold is of Peshwa Narayanrao. He got the power when he was just 18 years. His own kin were envious of him and his power and they killed him to accomplish all the power and property. It is accepted that on each new moon, this stronghold becomes spooky as Narayanrao’s soul torment this spot.

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