Temples In The Holy Town Of Pushkar

Temples In The Holy Town Of Pushkar

Pushkar is a town of explorer destinations otherwise called Tirtha-raj. Pushkar is an unmistakable town that is packed with lovers consistently. This journey town is additionally one of the most often visited vacationer places in Rajasthan. Individuals from everywhere the world visit this spot due to its memorable compositional magnificence, its fabulous Pushkar Fair, and its strict importance. In any case, this city was known for its sanctuaries and will be known for the equivalent generally. Thus, how about we check out at a portion of the must-visit Pushkar Temples.

1.Brahma Temple

Pushkar is the only place in the entire world that has a Brahma Temple. The reason behind this is still not clear, some say Lord Brahma was cursed by his mother, whereas some people believe the curse came from his first wife and many more such beliefs are still there.

Anyways Brahma Temple has exquisite architecture, including a red spire and an image of a bird which are considered sacred to Lord Brahma. If you are visiting Pushkar, this has to be a must-visit temple on your list.

2.Apteshwar Mahadev Temple

Apteshwar Temple is committed to Lord Mahadeva and it was inherent the nineteenth 100 years. The feature of this sanctuary is the sculpture of Mahadeva. Mahadev’s sculpture has 5 appearances, 4 countenances addressing the bearings and the fifth one addressing the image of immaculateness.

It is only one km away from Pushkar Bus Station. The engineering is mostly worked from white marble which reflects harmony.

3. Saraswati Temple

Saraswati sanctuary is another notable sanctuary of Pushkar. Ruling Brahma’s other spouse Devi Saraswati is committed. She is viewed as the encapsulation of information and workmanship.

Individuals associated with different imaginative fields continue to visit this sanctuary in to adore Saraswati Deity.

4.Old Ranji Temple

Rangji Temple is one of the antiquated sanctuaries in Pushkar. This 150-year-old sanctuary is devoted to Lord Vishnu (manifestation of Lord Ranji) The engineering of this sanctuary has a little South Indian touch since it is accepted that this sanctuary was dispatched to be worked by a dealer Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal of Hyderabad in 1823.

Rangji Temple is totally wrapped with sand surrounding, one can invest some alone energy or some family time while loosening up on the sand. After the contributions, one can benefit of the most delectable laddus as Prasad for 10 bucks.

5.Savitri Temple

One more strict Temple with a fascinating story. It is said that Savitri Devi should sit in a yagna with Lord Brahma yet she didn’t reach at that point and as a result of that Lord Brahma played out the yagna customs with a nearby young lady Gayatri (whom later Lord Brahma wedded). At the point when Savitri saw this she set annoyed and up to satisfy her, this sanctuary was fabricated. Both Savitri and Gayatri’s divinities are kept in this sanctuary as it were. To date first Savitri’s night aarti is performed and later Gayatri’s


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