The Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Best Time to Visit Maldives | Best Season to Visit Maldives places in Maldives make your trip more Adventures

Consistent with the warmer climates, the Maldives have two main seasons: dry season (similar to hot northeast) and dry season (related to rainy season). winds and storms from the west) known as low rainfall and low ground, lasting from December to April, cold water, characterized by wind and rain, lasting from May to October.

For different people, both summer and spring have their benefits. In summer it is clearly visible as the river begins to emerge in November from the northeast. Now it starts to fall in February. During the rainy season, warm water decreases a few degrees, which seems to lead to large numbers of hammerheads and shark reef accumulating in shallow water during the dry season. . However, the vision is poor because of the small amount of water flowing.

Where are the Maldives?

As Asia’s smallest country (large and small), the Maldives is a sought-after vacation spot. This beautiful place is historically known by many names in Sanskrit which mean “necklace island”, “garland island” and “thousand islands”.

The Maldives are a small group in the Indian Ocean, with most of the 1,190 islands made up of water, of which around 90 are designed as tourist destinations. It is a unique layout with two chains of 26 atolls covering approximately 35,000 square miles. Each atoll adds to the diversity and strength of the coral reef teeming with beautiful ocean fish, sea turtles, whales and dolphins.

The Best Time to Visit Maldives

The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April. Although the islands of the country are warm and sunny all year round, there is a dry season, a rainy season and a rainy season. There are pros and cons to visiting each season. Hikers will experience the best season visit Maldives in November and April. This is because there is less rain and the temperature is warmer. Unfortunately, this is the busiest time of year, so hotel room rates are expensive. However, each location is on its own island, so you don’t have to fight the crowds like you do elsewhere at high altitudes.

May through October is considered the rainy season, and the island receives 5 to 10 inches of rain and wind each month. Visitors will be able to find better deals at this time of year (the “deal” period is relative to the Maldives being the most expensive location of the year). This time of year is popular with sailors as they find the waves bigger and better for boating.

Seasons of Maldives


This long vacation has many advantages. Reasonable prices, some places to stay, and views for boating and scuba diving are just a few of the perks. Although it rains for a short time, the storm generally moves quickly across the islands. And you can expect the standard Maldives temperature of 80 degrees during the day and night.

  • Independence Day (July)
  • Ramadan

November-April  Best time to visit

best season to visit maldives is November to April and must visit . For the day of bathers, the Maldives are famous in December and April. As always, visitors love the warm 80s, with little rain during this time. However, the marine life of coral reefs is also lower. In addition, room rates are at their maximum. best time to visit maldives is November to April

Key Events:

  • Victory Day (November)
  • Republic Day (November)
  • National Day (January)

Travel Seasons

Average Temperature




Warm and dry



Strong winds and rain

Maldives in Dry Season (November to April)


Best time to visit the Maldives. It is ideal for travel, activities, water sports and local cuisine. Best season visit maldives  During this time, the air is dry, dry and pleasant with moderate temperatures. The best month for swimming in the ocean is April, when the average sea temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.


During this time you will be able to see and experience the best of the Maldives. Best time to visit the maldives Every place is crowded and the environment seems to be bustling and busy.

Why you should visit now

Obviously, the weather and its beautiful surroundings make this the perfect time to relax. Warm weather with light rain or snow is the ideal place. There was also very little precipitation, so there was no interference.

In the dry season

Best season visit maldives .it is a river that starts from the northeast from November and has very high visibility. This will give you an overview of the beautiful lakes and beautiful beaches protected by coral reefs and other atolls.

Things to know before you visit

Although the country gets busy during this season, best season visit maldives since each resort lives on its own island and is somewhat separated from the next island, unlike other busy tourist destinations, you probably won’t face extremely large crowds. So it might be wise to visit some of the islands and see what you prefer.

Baros, Sun Island, Nalaguraidhoo Island in South Ari Atoll, Banana Reef and North Mal-Atoll are some suggested places. HP Reef is also one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is a protected marine place full of marine life. An important holiday around this time is Mawlid, which signifies the birth of the Prophet Mohammed in November. It is one of the most famous holidays in the Maldives which is celebrated in a carnival style for two days. There are huge street processions and mosque decorations.


Hotel rates and the costs of various activities can be extremely high due to the high season. For more budget-oriented tourists, a favorite time to visit would be April, which is towards the end of the high season and the beginning of the lean months.

Being a tourist hotspot in addition to Indian and Maldivian options, one can enjoy food styles from all over the world. Traditional Maldivian cuisine is based on coconuts, fish and starches. Some of the common shellfish that are part of the local cuisine include skipjack tuna, yellow fin tuna, frigate tuna, and wahoo. Given the proximity, there is a strong Indian influence and therefore a large amount of curry and other flavors and spices.

Refrain from carrying pork, alcohol, tobacco products, and religious books. The law is very strict in this respect.

Finally, always compare and check the prices of water activities before booking. The seasonal period can see many price spikes.

best month to go to maldives is December, January, February,

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Maldives in Wet Season (May to November)



~31 degrees Celsius by day and ~ 25 degrees Celsius by night


Annual rainfall is 254 centimeters (100 inches) in the north and 381 centimeters (150 inches) in the south. September is the wettest month.

Intrusions and heavy rains make the place unappealing to most vacationers. But there are those with no worries who are willing to visit this time. However, going swimming is generally not recommended at this time and you do so at your own risk.


This time of year is popular with sailors as you find the waves bigger and better for surfing. The sea can be dangerous, but a true adventurer with the right gear can expect whales.

Why you should visit now

The holy month of Ramadan, which resembles May, is a great time to visit the Maldives as you can bring a variety of healthy foods. A well-known restaurant offers a special iftar and juice menu with roses, apricots and kamardine.

Cheap prices, extremely comfortable accommodation and the best surfing and diving conditions make this time of year very popular with many adventurous tourists. best time to visit maldives weather wise November- March. The water temperature is several degrees cooler during the rainy season, so more hammerheads and reef sharks congregate in shallower waters than during the dry season. However, the vision is not that encountered in the dry season because there is no current.

Things to know before the visit

Eid-ul-Alhaa or Eid al Adha, a celebration commemorating Ibrahim’s desire to sacrifice his son to Allah is celebrated on this occasion. On this day, the islanders gather and fishermen catch big fish made from palm trees.

The Maldivian holiday known as Qaumee Dhuvas is November. Today is the day when local protests force the Portuguese people off the land.

During the rainy season, with its coconut shades, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Fihalhohi Island is an attractive destination, especially if you are on your honeymoon or looking for a romantic getaway. With its lush waters and lush greenery, Huvahendhoo Island is another great place to unwind and relax. Great place for families with adults and children, lots of activities and fun to play.


While Ramadan offers you a great opportunity to savour the best of foods, during this period many services and shops will be shut during the time of prayer. There is also a need to cover yourself appropriately and avoid public display of affection when visiting the local islands. During Ramadan, the government offices work only from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM and private offices shut by 3.00 PM.  Resorts and hotels are however not affected by the holy month.

Average temperatures in the Maldives

The temperature remains fairly constant throughout the year, only oscillating between 80 and 80 degrees (Fahrenheit). September-January tends to hover around 80 degrees and February-August tends to get a bit higher in the mid-80s. It is likely that whatever time you decide to visit, the Maldives will be pleasantly warm.

best time


Storms in the Maldives

During the winter rainy season, frequent afternoon showers occur. In the event of a tropical storm or cyclone, residents and travelers are relocated to safe areas. Fortunately, the Maldives are not prone to cyclones like other islands; only 11 cyclones hit the Maldives in more than 128 years.

What’s special about the Maldives?

The tour also started recently. In fact, it all started in 1972 with just two resorts in the Maldives. Today it has more than 80 hotels. It is the lowest country in the world (yes, written on record), with an average height of only 5 feet above sea level. You will find beautiful lakes protected by coral reefs and other atolls and beautiful beaches. But you can’t walk through the forest with the coral reefs you see in places like Bora Bora or waterfalls like in Hawaii, Fiji or the Seychelles.

Of course, it is also famous for its excellent snorkeling, scuba diving and water sports. Like the Seychelles, you would come a long way from a continent. This means a denser school of fish, less pollution and more autonomy. About 1200 islands are all small, no more than 5 miles in diameter. Each atoll has an average of 6 inhabited islands and 20 to 60 uninhabited islands.

Traditional Maldivian cuisine is based on coconut, fish and starch. Skipjack tuna, yellow fin tuna, frigate tuna and wahoo are all available in Maldivian cuisine. Also known as Rihaakuru, this thick brown paste made from tuna is the highlight of many dishes. However, Maldivians don’t eat raw fish (but that doesn’t mean you can’t find sushi in restaurants). Their starches are mainly rice, taro (principle of Hawaiian poi), sweet potatoes and cassava. On closer inspection you will find strong Indian wines and an unsurprising variety of curries. As a tourist at the hotel, you can expect to see Indian and Maldivian dishes as well as dishes from around the world. The resort knows that many guests will want to know more about them.

Worst Times to Visit the Maldives

Some visitors testify that August is the worst time to visit maldives as it gets lumpy in the middle of the rainy season. However, October is generally considered the wettest month, so a two-hour break is best for travelling. These little bungalows can be great, but if you can’t leave the room, it will get in the way of your vacation island.

Most Affordable Times to Visit the Maldives

Yes, even visiting the Maldives can be cheap. According to, the cheapest fares are offered during the rainy season, when there are fewer participants, from May to October. You are likely to receive a package at this time. Hotels and resorts are also cheaper during this time, especially in boned areas, while villas and bungalows are cheaper (although still more expensive). If you’re lucky, you can find even cheaper hotels and Airbnbs if you book in advance.

maldives The Best Time to Visit Maldives | Visit places in Maldives make your trip more Adventures

Where to Dive in the Maldives

One of the biggest mistakes people make when going to the Maldives for the first time is on an island. The Maldives is made up of many different countries, all slightly different in the end. Jumping, diving, diving and jumping in close places are all special, according to Points Guy.

The most popular dive site is Ari Atoll, best known for its more transparent and accessible marine life, and Man Atoll, where you can see many differences depending on which side of the island you live on.

For starters, Points Guy recommends the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Vaavu Atoll and Baa Atoll. If you’re looking for something a little more special, Fuvahmulah Atoll is home to a variety of extremely rare sharks, including tiger sharks, thresher sharks, whale sharks and hammerhead sharks, according to Points Guy. However, the island is ideal for divers.

Best Times to Visit the Maldives for Diving and Water Sports

In addition to the wet and dry seasons, there are times when some of the most popular water sports, especially surfing, diving, snorkeling, and boating.

The Best Time to Visit Maldives

If you like action and adventure, it is best to plan a trip in February and November (dry season to rainy season) with more rugged and surfaced excursions (suitable for surfing). However, if you like flooding and slow activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or canoeing, we recommend a trip in December and January. See diving and snorkeling are best from January to April.

The Best Time to Visit Maldives | Best Season to Visit places in Maldives make your trip more Adventures

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Best Time and Season to Visit the Maldives for Ideal Weather

The Maldives to visit maldives are warm and sunny almost all year round, so it is difficult to choose the “best” time of year. Winter and summer are slightly different, but the first thing to look for when booking a destination is choosing wet and dry seasons rather than fall, winter, summer, or spring.

Best month to visit maldives The dry season is from November to April is best season visit maldives, with average temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for beach holidays. We consider this season as a “dry season”, especially from January to March, because the average rainfall is generally the lowest.

Sunny weather means few problems, especially if you plan to travel to Male, the capital of the Maldives, or another activity. The rainy season runs from May to October and is said to be “wet” because some islands can receive up to 9 inches of rain per month. When a hurricane is usually approaching, it’s not uncommon to enjoy a few days of bright sunshine. Be prepared to change your plans if time gets in your way. As a result, there are fewer people during the rainy season. Best time of the year for maldives The dry season is from November to April


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