The Most Scenic Road Trip in South India:Bangalore to Coorg

The Most Scenic Road Trip in South India:Bangalore to Coorg


Assuming you’re from Bangalore, chances are, this is your ordinary end of the week escape. Also, on the off chance that you’re not living around here, then, at that point, presumably this beautiful espresso heaven has come to the highest point of your movement list of must-dos in India!

Coorg (or Kodagu, as it’s known in the neighborhood language) is a rustic region in Western Ghats, Southwest Karnataka. It is really a district involving different humble communities, for example, Madikeri, Virajpet, Somwarpet and so on.



Coorg is one locale that has something for everybody. Assuming that you like natural life, you can make a beeline for the elephant camps, public parks and natural life safe-havens. Assuming you like culture, there are sanctuaries and cloisters to captivate you.

Assuming you like traveling, there are three extraordinary trips accessible to Tadiandamol, Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri tops that you can consider. At long last, if you simply need to unwind, you have different choices accessible close to the capital town of Madikeri. Also, regardless of whether you appreciate no part of this, you can continuously look for natively constructed chocolates, wines and espresso.

Bangalore to Coorg distance-260 km

You can decide to drive from Bangalore to Coorg by means of Mysore for that additional fun of an excursion. The alternate method for arriving at Coorg is by means of Hassan. Here you will cross Ramnagar and Maddur where you can take a reward stop at eateries like Adigas, and Empire. A really fair drive that will take you around two hours to arrive at Mysore. One more great spot to stop for food.

Spots to eat among Bangalore and Mysore:





A left turn prior to arriving at Kushalnagar will lead you to Bylakuppe, quite possibly of the biggest Tibetan settlement in South India. You can predict your appearance when you spot expanding number of priests enclosed by maroon like clockwork into the excursion. A 40 ft high gold plated Buddha at the Namdroling Monastery, the brightened raised area and beautiful canvases on the walls addressing Tibetan culture will keep you stuck for one great hour.

The course will take you through the thick bushes of espresso and villas, where you can stop for some tea while seeing the sun go down, separating through the leaves, before you arrive at Madikeri. There are bounty Café Coffee Day outlets on the way for you to partake in some exemplary espresso. Yet, what’s best about South India is their channel espresso, that you could taste in a portion of the neighborhood road side stores.

The religious community is the main greatest place of interest that falls among Bangalore and Coorg. Coorg is known for its espresso ranches, little day journey, perfect cascades and scrumptious zesty food. From Madikeri Fort to Abbey Falls, Brahmagiri untamed life safe-haven to Chomakund day journey, Coorg has a rundown of intentions for keep you occupied and loose all weekend long.

If you’re a nature sweetheart dwelling in Bangalore, this is one of the most beautiful and agreeable travels in South India. So draw out the experience nature love in you and see this curious little slope station in Karnataka.

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