Non-Veg Prasad To Devotees

Non veg Prasad


India is known for its different societies. Here the way of life changes inside kilometers. This strict nation is loaded up with sanctuaries that additionally draw in travelers from outside India. Each sanctuary has an alternate design, and various convictions, devoted to various gods yet what stays in like manner is the Prasad. Some Temples offering Non-Veg Prasad to Devotees. Then prasad may shift as indicated by the neighborhood inclinations. You could have known about Prasads like Laddu, Boondi, Panchamrut, kheer, modak, halwa, and so forth. All in vegan right?  No, there are temple in India that serve non-vegan Prasads too. Look at these sanctuaries serving Non-veggie lover Prasads in India.Some Temples offering Non-Veg Prasad to Devotees.

1. Kamakhya Temple Assam

This sanctuary in Assam reveres Maa Kamakhya. There are two bhogs served in the Kamakhya sanctuary, one is the typical veggie lover one though the other is the non-vegan one. The non-vegan bhog incorporates fish and goat meat. Despite the fact that, they utilize no onion or garlic in the readiness of food. Kamakhya Maa is served non-vegan food at 1 in the evening. On account of that main the sanctuary stays shut from 1:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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2. Vimala Temple in Orrisa

This sanctuary venerates goddess Vimala and offers her meat and fish Non-Veg Prasad during the Durga Puja. During the Durga puja fish from the consecrated Markanda sanctuary tank is cooked and afterward proposed to the Goddess. The prasad at Vimala Temple is known as ‘Bimala Parusa’ (Vimala there is articulated as Bimala).

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3. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, West Bengal

In this sanctuary likewise fish is filled in as a bhog Non-Veg Prasad first to Goddess Kali and later to every one of the enthusiasts. This is viewed as a custom to offer Goddess Kali non-vegan bhog.

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4. Kalighat Kolkata

Kalighat Kolkata has a few a few unique convictions, the bhog arranged for the goddess is vegan as it were. Be that as it may, creature penance happens, and the lovers likewise bring something very similar. The meat is subsequently cooked and is filled in as a prasad to the fans.

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5. Muniyandi Swami Temple

Vadakkampatti is a little town close to the Madurai locale of Tamil Nadu. This town has a dining experience at their yearly sanctuary celebration where 2000kg of biryani is cooked and filled in as the prasad. Local people there guarantee that Biryani is the most loved food of Lord Muniyandi.

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