This Borivali Stall offers Fire Chaat and is Setting The Internet on Fire

This Borivali Stall offers Fire Chaat and is Setting The Internet on Fire

All of you who have a spicy tooth and love cheese, listen! A cheese chaat in Mumbai is driving us crazy and will awaken your cravings too. And when we say “fire”, we mean it literally. Wondering why? This sev puri chaat is actually put under fire before being served hot and crunchy. You can get it from Shreeji’s The Fusion Kitchen in Borivali West, Mumbai. The stall is the master of delicious chaat in Mumbai serving different types of sev puris and papri chaat such as Cheese Schezwan Sev Puri, Dahi Kachori Chaat, Hot Dilkhush Puri and even Pizza Sev Puri.

Fire Chaat is setting the Internet on fire!

The video of the chat of fire sev puri has been uploaded on the Instagram page of Things2eatinmumbaii. It has collected over 29.1k likes and 148 comments. The video begins with a clip from the kiosk. To make the chaat on the fire, the seller first puts the paprika on a plate. Then season the paprika with the tripe, vegetables, paneer and a hot sauce. Then apply fire to the sauce coated chaat. On this preparation he puts sev, lots of grated cheese and tandoori sauce. And the dish looks incredibly beautiful!

Try Pizza Sev Puri and Pizza Pani Puri

Other must-haves from the stall include Dilkhus Platter, Panini, and Extravaganza. The Panini dish is pure sev layered with exotic vegetables, paneer, double cheese, mayonnaise and herbs marinated in a secret sauce. The Dilkhus dish includes cheese masala sauce, paneer and herb nachos. Or choose Pizza Punch. This is pani puri filled with exotic vegetables. sauces, cheese and herbs. We also love their Extravanganza or Pizza Sev Puri.

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