This New Underpass Will Reduce Travel Time From Delhi To Gurugram

This New Underpass Will Reduce Travel Time From Delhi To Gurugram


The Benito Juarez underpass, initiated on Saturday by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, will ease traffic bottlenecks for suburbanites between Delhi air terminal and Gurugram and diminish fuel utilization. Because of the launch of the new underpass, the traffic load on the Delhi-Gurugram course is supposed to be decreased. The underpass will be further developing network between the air terminal, Chanakyapuri, and AIIMS.

Wonder Of Engineering

Under the South Campus Metro Station on the Ring Road is the Benito Juarez underpass, which is 1.2 km long and Y-formed and begins from Delhi University’s Sri Venkateshwara school. There are two arms of the extension, one on San Martin Road, and the other on Moti Bagh Ring Road. PWD Minister, Sisodia, depicts this underpass as a wonder of designing. He said that the underpass targets addressing the traffic issues which Dhaula Kaun and Sardar Patel Marg face during top hours. Altogether, the task is worth Rs. 143.78 crore and incorporates a Y-formed burrow and a skywalk estimating 670 meters in length.

Underpass Brings In Endless Benefits

There will be a decrease in rush hour gridlock dilemmas under the Rao Tularam flyover on Ring Road for vehicles showing up from the Delhi air terminal side. The skywalk with a foot-over scaffold will interface BJ Marg to South Campus Metro station and Satya Niketan Marg. The traffic load at the Dhaula Kuan convergence will be decreased by something like 25% due to the passage. The new passage/underpass will decrease Delhi’s day to day fossil fuel byproducts by 5 tons and diminish fuel utilization by 2181 liters each day, Sisodia said.

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