Need Advice On Saving Money? This Woman Saved Rs 1.5 Lakh In A Month Thanks to ‘Zero Spend’ Challenge

Need Advice On Saving Money? This Woman Saved Rs 1.5 Lakh In A Month Thanks to ‘Zero Spend’ Challenge

Matilda Relefors completed the ‘Zero Spend’ challenge, saving £1,500 in November by limiting spending on necessities such as food and bills. Although she understood that this was not a permanent life, Matilda found the experience useful for thinking about money.

A woman named Matilda Relefors managed to save £1,500 (Rs 1.5 lakh) in one month by following a ‘Zero Spend’ strategy. She tried the viral method of trying to go an entire month without spending any money she wanted.

Zero Spend Challenge

The 28-year-old is very strict when it comes to following a zero spending plan. She only spends money on food and wages during the month of November. She doesn’t spend money on clothes, socializing, or transportation.

Matilda explained, “When I do a ‘No Spend Month’ I’m only allowed one food shop in the whole month. I plan my meals and get it delivered on the 1st of the month. My budget for that is £100 (Rs 10,000).”

She added, “My rules are I only spend money on bills, and if my dog needs something urgently.”

Zero Spend Month

She pointed out that following the ‘zero spend’ trend in November was not “that hard” as it is the “most boring month”.

Matilda noted, “If I have to pick one hardest thing it would be that I only did one food shop at the start of the month that had to last me for the whole month.”

She had to figure out what she had to eat first and what could be frozen in the refrigerator so that she could eat it later in the month.

Money Saving Tips

On average, Matilda spends £1,800 a month on rent, clothes, food, rent and going out. However, in the ‘zero-spend’ month she saved £1,550. She said it was not a “sustainable lifestyle” but could be reviewed from time to time “for cost effectiveness.”

“I feel very calm and happy about my achievement, it’s made me more mindful about spending, which are habits I’ll take with me forever, and it’s made me want to hold on to my money more,” she was quoted as saying by LADbible.

She added, “I will think harder about a purchase decision and ask myself: ‘do I really need this?’”

She said that December is not a ‘No spend’ month.

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