Here’s Why Traffic Police Can No Longer Ask You To Stop Your Car To The Side

Traffic Police Can No Longer Ask You To Stop Your Car

Here is some good news for you if you have a car. The traffic police will no longer ask you to put your car aside and will not be able to search your vehicle for no reason. This development comes from a circular that has been sent to the Traffic Department by the Commissioner of Police, recently following the increase in traffic.

Circular issued to the Traffic Department

The circular issued by the police commissioner, Hemant Nagrale, states that the traffic police will not stop or check vehicles, especially in the event of a barricade. They will simply observe the traffic and pay attention to your movements. Vehicles will only stop if you interfere with traffic and slow down. Many times, simply out of suspicion, the traffic police stop the vehicle and search it from the inside. Not only does this waste people’s time, it also affects traffic by slowing it down even more. Therefore, the decision was made taking into account all these elements.

The senior inspector will be held responsible

Despite the growing number of vehicles on the road, the traffic police have been urged to stop checking the vehicles, as the practice causes traffic jams. Traffic police officers will only enforce traffic violations when blocking joint traffic with the local police and will not check vehicles. The chief inspector of the traffic post in question is liable if these instructions are not strictly followed. A senior official said the police will only stop offenders, but will continue to issue challans whenever a traffic offense occurs.

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