Trans Maldivian Airways – Worlds Largest Seaplane Operator

trans maldivian airways

Trans Maldivian Airways – World Largest Seaplane Operator


We Tried to take a Seaplane from Male Airport to our Resort The Standard. But Thunder Storm does not want us to make it to our resort. What does Maldives seaplane cost? Did we miss our 900 USD Flight? Watch the full video to know.


At last with 24 hours of Struggle with Thunder Storm, we are able to board the Seaplane at it was worth the wait. The views from above were stunning we were able to see numerous islands, scenic beauty from the top. Trans Maldivian Airways is the World’s Largest Seaplane Operator


So What does Seaplane in Maldives Cost?

Basically, it depends on the location of your island resort, we mean the distance from the seaplane Airport.
But the minimum charge for one person to board the world’s largest Seaplane Operator flights – Trans Maldivian Airways is 350 USD per Person.

Our Flight Costs us 450 USD per Person because of the Distance from the TMA.


How was our Seaplane Experience ?

Honestly, The Views from the Top are breathtaking apart from that the overall process is too lengthy and tiring.
First, you will be Transferred from Male Airport to TMA after getting your new boarding pass from TMA, its like boarding a second flight then you will be transferred from Shuttle Bus to your Seaplane Terminal our was Terminal C.

At there you have to wait for 1-2 or maybe 5 hours to board the Seaplane it depends on the availability of the Seaplane and the Weather!. Weather plays the most important part in your transfer from Seaplane Terminal to your Resort.

But, you will enjoy the flight it is practically a new experience sitting nearest to the Pilot and witnessing them operating the Flight and whole new Experience.

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