Travel By Train Without a Ticket? TTE Can’t Ask You to Leave Here’s Why

Travel By Train Without a Ticket

You may not know that you can travel by train without a ticket. Sometimes you are in a hurry and there is an emergency that you cannot miss. It is not possible to find a reservation on a train at the last minute as it is hardly available. Most people consider taking the tatkal ticket which is expensive, not many know that you can travel by train after buying a ticket on the platform.

How to travel with the platform ticket?

First of all, you shouldn’t panic if you don’t have a previous booking.
You can only get on the train with a platform ticket.
You have to go to the ticket checker (TC) and ask him to make a ticket for you.
After boarding the train with a platform ticket, you must immediately contact the TTE and obtain an current ticket for the desired destination.

Rules before travel

Sometimes you won’t get a reserved seat when there is a full reservation on the train, which mostly happens during festivals.
You will still be able to travel in the train compartment.
You will have to pay a fine of just Rs. 250 together with the price of the destination ticket.

What will the applicable fare be?

The precedence of a platform ticket is that your fare will be calculated by determining the location from which you purchased the platform ticket. The class (1AC 2AC 3AC) will come into consideration when determining the cost of the journey.

However, it is not recommended to travel without a ticket. IRCTC has issued this form for extreme conditions, where people can travel without a ticket.

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