Unique Beach In India Has A Sea On One Side And River On the other side

Unique Beach In India Has A Sea On One Side And River On the other side


Aside from being home to flawless cooking and legacy objections, Karnataka is likewise honored with a 320km long shore lodging probably the most colorful and clean sea shores in India. One of these colorful sea shores is the Maravanthe Beach in Karnataka. What sets this ocean side not quite the same as others is that it is situated with the ocean on one side and a stream on the other.

A Desirable Tourist Destination

Maravanthe is irrefutably a helpful traveler objective as a result of the brilliant sand, the unadulterated blue sky, the influencing palm palms, and the limitless shore. The Sauparnika River streams down the edge of the ocean side against the dazzling background of the Kodachadri Hills. At Maravanthe Beach, water sports are notable and among the most well known exercises for guests. You can swim and scuba jumping to see the coral reefs and other marine life, which is abounding with remote animals.

A Unique Combination

This flawless ocean side offers you a sight of a mix to view forever. The blend of a stream and an ocean on one or the other side of an expressway elsewhere, and is remembered to exist solely in India. The ocean side has the powerful Arabian ocean on one side and the joyful Suparnika stream on the opposite side. The Suparnika River, which here for all intents and purposes moves toward the Arabian Sea, ventures roughly 10 km prior to turning around sharply and streaming toward the west to join the ocean. The public thruway NH-66 partitions the ocean side making the most astounding view.


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