Top 5 Unique Day Trips From The Qatar’s Capital

Top 5 Unique Day Trips From The Qatar’s Capital

Qatar tours call tourists and fans attend Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 to take a day trip from Doha and find Qatar outside the capital.

Within 90-minute needed to play soccer matches, visitors can leave Doha for extraordinary adventures in Dunes Desert Mesherizing, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Ancient Stone Carvings, Water Parks, Golden Beach, Farm Tail, Fertile Green Mangrove Forest and Many again .

Qatar Tourism Chief Operating Officer, Berthold Trenkel, said: “Only a stone’s throw from Doha is a fantastic cultural, natural and friendly visit that might be passed by several visitors. We are more than just a city and we want the world to find treasures hiding in Our Peninsula. The beauty of the holiday here is a compactness of various experiences, with all our iconic tourist attractions never more than 90 minutes drive – or the time needed to watch the World Cup match. For anyone who lives in this country more than 24 hours, traveling A day from Doha is a pleasant holiday spotlight in Qatar. ”

5 of the top out-of-Doha day trips rounded up by Qatar Tourism

Banana Island Resort

Banana Island crescent shaped can only be accessed by the ship. The 25-minute trip from Al Shyoukh terminal in Downtown Doha, the island beach offers an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Guests can travel for the day or stay at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, featuring a lagoons, spa, golf course, theaters, and several restaurants.

Distance from Doha: 25 minutes

Heenat Salma Farm

Organic fans, natural produce must visit Henat Salma Farm for an environmentally conscious experience. Agriculture farms that works more than 30 different plants, fruits and vegetables, and produces milk, eggs, honey and meat, Salma Heenat is the center of hospitality, education and welfare. Visitors can spend the night in traditional tents positioned around the central fire, which goes beyond the taste of the community. There is a swimming pool, health room, library, and kitchen where the chef prepares simple, healthy, nutritious food.

Distance from Doha: 40 minutes

Purple Island

Bin Ghannam Island, known as the Purple Island, is a hidden gem who is famous for its abundance of mangrove forests. The Purple Island Association comes from the ancient Kassite dye industry, which started more than two thousand years ago when the color was coveted by Roman royalties for their clothes. Sunset is the right time to visit Purple Island: go kayaking, or climb around the island to lurk the perfect sunset place for photos.

Distance from Doha: 45 minutes

Baladna Park

Green protection on the outskirts of Doha, Baladna Park is a fun family day with children’s adventure land, bumper boat, zoo and cave reptile. This park is run by Baladna Farm, Qatar 100% business which is one of the largest livestock farms in the region, and provides fresh milk and dairy products to restaurants and residents of Qatar. This farm is also open to community members, who can find a process of building in a specially built agriculture that protects animals from climate change.

Distance from Doha: 45 minutes

Dhal Al Misfir cave

One of the most interesting natural sites in the country, Dahl Al Misfir, which in 40 meters is considered to be the largest accessible cave in Qatar. It is estimated that it has been formed around 300,000-500,000 years ago, the cave emits light like other months because of the talim gypsum in the middle of the peninsula. This same mineral raises ‘desert roses’ – Crystal cluster that inspires Jean Nouvel in the design of the Qatar Museum.

Distance from Doha: 55 minutes

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