US airline passengers were shocked when they saw a dog riding a horse taking up most of the seats next to its owner. The 5-year-old Great Dane is believed to be a support dog owned by 27-year-old Gabriel Bogner, according to the New York Post. Named Darwin, the dog who weighs about 140 pounds (63 kg) needed three seats to fit comfortably on the flight from Los Angeles to New York. A video of a mammoth flying dog is doing the rounds on TikTok, gaining millions of views in no time. The footage will show Darwin relaxing in his chair looking around and occasionally taking a nap. She looked into the airport and thanked the pilots on board and praised him for maintaining good flight standards during the trip.

Sharing a video on TikTok, Gabriel thanked American Airlines for allowing him to accommodate his pooch in a gentle manner. “Who says Great Danes aren’t flying dogs? Thanks to American Airlines for making our move to Brooklyn a breeze! (Yes, I bought us 3 seats on the plane), ” he allegedly captioned the video. Media workers were happy to watch Darwin’s flight recording and praised him, writing: “It’s a Dane on a plane.”

In another series of comments, Gabriel revealed his struggle with Crohn’s disease and how Darwin helped his life as a service dog. When talking about his decision to travel with the plane, the owner said that he considered many options. Either drive it or let someone else drive it, but nothing happened. When Darwin tries to put him in the box under the plane, Darwin proves that he is too big a dog to fit in the box. “So I did some research on pet-friendly airlines and started calling American Airlines and talking to the person and finding out if you have help dogs, regardless of size, they are technically allowed on the plane up,” he explained. Gabriel sure asked if his 140-pound weight might be a problem, but they advised him to buy three chairs for the duo. Gabriel reportedly filled out a form at the Department of Transportation and once approved received an ID number for the dog.

During an interview with South West News, Gabriel said, “People were shocked and surprised, but everyone was happy to see him.” According to him, he has never seen so many people smiling at the airport. He made it clear that there were no problems with other passengers or crew on the trip, although a few seemed to be joking about the dog getting an upgrade in most seats for one trip.

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