US Visas: 21 Indian Students Deported in One Day; Authorities Told Others To Leave or Face Imprisonment

US Visas: 21 Indian Students Deported in One Day; Authorities Told Others To Leave or Face Imprisonment

To study or work in the United States, you need a visa. However, many cases of visa fraud involving students and working professionals have come to light. Recently, 21 Indian students were deported from the United States after their visas were questioned.

Indian Students Deported After Issues Raised Over Their Visa

Visa concerns have been raised after 21 Indian students were deported from the United States in one day. The students, from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, already completed the visa requirements but were nonetheless subject to document checks and detention at the airports of Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco.

They expressed their confusion because they thought they had received their visas and were ready to start their studies. According to the Deccan Herald, the students said that they have not received full details about their return, and they believe it is related to their visa process. Some students said that their WhatsApp conversations and even their phones were monitored.

Authorities Threatened To Take Legal Action

Others said they were politely told to leave and threatened with serious legal trouble if they resisted. Some said that universities in South Dakota and Missouri are among the things they are applying to After investigation, the frustrated students said they were kept in small camps without proper communication. In addition, the authorities warned them about imprisonment. According to a Hindu report, students will not be allowed to enter the United States for the next five years.

Deported students now face not only the devastating effects of the harsh US sanctions, but also time, money and future opportunities. The five-year ban imposed on anyone found inadmissible at any time is particularly important.

According to a previous Mint report, due to COVID-19, the United States has imposed strict visa regulations for international students, which may force Indian and Chinese students to return home or may be deported. About 202,000 Indian students and 369,000 Chinese students, who make up the majority of international students, study in the United States.

These laws prevent students from continuing their education online in response to concerns about reduced grades and potential financial costs.

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