Vietnam Removes Quarantine for International Travelers

Vietnam Removes Quarantine for International Travelers

In early February, Vietnam lifted restrictions on international passengers, with no restrictions on the number of flights. Several tourist attractions in the country have also been given the green light for the reopening.

Between spectacular tropical coasts, beautiful historical sites, delicious local cuisine and vibrant nightlife, there are many adventures to choose from in Vietnam. This, coupled with the low prices of almost everything in the country, makes it a hit for backpackers and luxury travelers alike.

However, COVID-19 has halted tourist activities in the country, with restrictions on international travel and the closure of popular attractions. But now Vietnam is ready to receive international tourists without having to go into quarantine.

The Vietnamese government has slowly eased COVID-19 restrictions in recent months. The country has welcomed tourists to its golf resorts, under a bubble regime in winter.

Museums, parks, ecotourism zones, cinemas and historical sites have also reopened in the region. According to a report published in Channel News Asia, Vietnam’s tourism sector was valued at $ 32 billion a year prior to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

The report added that Vietnam has also resumed visa-free travel for 15 days for travelers from 13 nations. These include Germany, Sweden, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, Belarus, Finland, Spain, Denmark, France, South Korea and Italy.

Vietnam vaccinated 98% of its adults. According to the latest figures published in the Channel News Asia report, up to 200,000 new cases of COVID-19 are still being reported in Vietnam every day. However, the country’s health ministry has assured travelers that the situation is under control, thanks to low hospitalization and mortality rates.

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