Want to Escape The City Hassle visit this Nature themed cafe in Guwahati

Want to Escape The City Hassle visit this Nature themed cafe in Guwahati


It’s generally an extraordinary joy to move away from the rankling hordes of urban communities and taste on a hot espresso at some interesting city corner. Also, Guwahati is home to various calm corners of heaven, offering lip-smacking indulgences. However, one that has been making the most clamor is the Leaf Deck Cafe. The nature-themed bistro has a lovely grass space and ignores the Guwahati Tea Auction Center, on GS Road. The bistro is exceptionally casual so you don’t have to have a cognizant outlook on unusual staff gazing at you. In the event that you are in the city during winters, this nature-themed bistro is a must-visit. In winters, the yard with its lavish green environmental elements, pixie lights, and little spice grower is absolutely an energy.

Investigate The Nature-Themed Cafe

Situated close to the Dispur circle, Leaf Deck Cafe offers you the best space and food in the city. It has a breezy lounge area which is very open. The staff is agreeable and the bistro scores high in cleanliness. They additionally offer a broad menu. Be that as it may, assuming you choose to visit this nature-themed bistro, we suggest their European Rice bowls. Those are totally heavenly. Spice rice, sauteed veggies, french fries, a poached egg, and some chicken sauce, paradise isn’t it? What’s more, in the event that you have a talent for zesty food, attempt their Chilly Garlic Chowmin and Crispy Honey Chili Chicken. However it takes them around 20-30mins to serve the things, they are most certainly worth the stand by.

Party Packages Available

The Leaf Deck Cafe additionally has birthday gatherings and mixed drink parties. Each party here will be a confidential rental of the space and it might be you and your visitors. Every one of the gatherings in this nature-themed bistro is totally remarkable. You simply let them know what you need, and they absolutely get imaginative with the style! There’s likewise an arrangement to get your own food and style for the gatherings in the event that you wish to. Leaf Deck Cafe is a decent decision for birthday festivities as it offers a lovely feeling. Likewise praise to their lighting. Absolutely flawless!

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