Weirdest Museums In The World: Condoms To Toilets

Weirdest Museums In The World: Condoms To Toilets

Weirdest Museums In The World:

Regardless in the event that you love galleries or not, you have unquestionably visited a gallery no less than once during your experience growing up days. A gallery is a spot to learn and be aware of numerous old effects, history, thus much significant obscure subtleties.Weirdest Museums In The World .It could sound stunning however there are a few exhibition halls in certain sides of the world that are very strange. Ponder any irregular thing and you will track down a historical center for it. There are the most bizarre galleries of latrines, hair, condoms, and even demise. We should check out at a few staggering galleries on the planet.

Museum Of The Weird

The list of the world’s weirdest museums is incomplete without ‘Museum Of The Weird’. Just like the name, this museum houses weird objects from all over the world. Nestled in Austin, this museum features bizarre oddities such as real mummies, shrunken heads, and more.

Avanos Hair Museum

Nestled in Avanos town in Turkey, ‘Avanos Hair Museum’ is an unusual and surely one of the weirdest museums. In a small cave, this museum features hair strands of more than 16,000 women. The walls and surroundings are completely covered with hair and the spooky part is that every woman’s names and addresses are mentioned with the strands.

Icelandic Phallological Museum

Nestled in Iceland, ‘Icelandic Phallological Museum’ was built in 1997. This museum probably ranks at the top among the weirdest museum in the world. This museum features male sex organs of different sizes, from as small as 2 mm to 1.7 meters.

Museum Of Death

Let’s end the list on a spooky note. There is a legit museum ‘Museum Of Death’ in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. It might sound very negative but the actual aim of this place is to give happiness to the crowd for staying alive. This is not a great place for faint-hearted people as this museum has baby coffins, films of autopsies, pictures of crime scenes, artwork from various serial killers, and more.

Sulabh International Toilet Museum

India’s capital, New Delhi is the home to ‘Sulabh International Toilet Museum’. This museum’s goal is to focus on hygiene improvements and health conditions. You will find all the stories and history of toilets and sanitation. You will get to see various toilets and how they transformed over time.

Gallery Of Bad Art

You could find it hard to accept, yet there is genuinely an exhibition hall in the USA where you will track down terrible works of art from all around. Settled in Somerville, the ‘Gallery Of Bad Art’ shows exceptionally awful works of art. They empower and value specialists and their endeavors to make workmanship. They have an assortment of 700 workmanship pieces and you may be shocked to see these pieces.

Condom Museum

Weirdest museums

Nestled in Nonthaburi city, Thailand, the ‘Condom Museum’ is undoubtedly one of the weirdest museums in the entire world. The Thai Health Ministry started this museum to talk about sex and promote safe sex. This museum shows many stories about condoms from different times and how it is helping people to prevent any kind of STDs. You will get to see condoms from many countries here.

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