Here’s How You Can Win A Free Trip To Rome This Summer

Win A Free Trip To Rome

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a totally free place? We know the answer is yes and you may be surprised to learn that it is now very possible to win a free trip. A tour company called “GetYourGuide” offers the opportunity to explore Rome for free. They are running a giveaway at the moment and the winner will get a free trip to Rome and travel like never before. Do you find it interesting? Read on to find out all about this giveaway hype.

Win a free trip to Rome with GetYourGuide!

The travel company will give the winner 2 tickets to accompany a friend on the journey. They will receive tickets for the “Turning on the Lights in the Vatican Museums” tour before other tourists arrive and overcrowd the place. The most exciting part of the itinerary is that the winner will get an exclusive opportunity to get access to places that are not open to the common public. In fact, they can quickly explore the Sistine Chapel while avoiding the huge crowds that queue to wander here. There is absolutely no need to stand and wait in line anywhere. They will have exclusive access to reach and visit tourist destinations, avoiding the crowds.



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Most exciting rewards of the giveaway

The winner will be the luckiest person. The giveaway has a lot to offer the winner. You will receive a whopping € 3,000 bonus on airline tickets and hotels. GetYourGuide will give you a € 1,000 voucher to do everything touristy in Rome.

If you would like to participate in this exciting giveaway opportunity, visit the GetYourGuide website and do whatever it takes to submit your participation in the giveaway. Make sure you complete it before June 10, 2022, as this is the last date. They will announce the name of the lucky winner on June 13th.

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