A Woman Straightens Her Hair Inside The Delhi Metro

A Woman Straightens Her Hair Inside The Delhi Metro

Even if you haven’t been to the Delhi Metro, you must have heard about all the wild fun people have there. The most recent of these horrendous incidents is a woman getting her hair straightened in the Delhi metro. The video was posted on micro blogging site Twitter which is going viral on social media. In fact, knowing the kind of animals people have been attracting in the metros of Delhi recently, it is not even a scary thing to do.

Woman Straightens Her Hair Inside Delhi Metro


Nowadays, people are doing such stupid and horrible things in Delhi Metro that the mode of transport might have identity problem. Seeing how people use the Delhi Metro as a meeting place or a dance floor, we can soon forget that its main purpose is to transport people from one place to another. on the other hand.

Now, people have confused mobile travel with hairdressing salons. Images of the woman have gone viral on the internet. In the video, the woman is seen straightening her hair inside the Delhi metro. The people around her didn’t seem to like the woman. It seems that after seeing the danger inside the Delhi Metro, hair extensions are not too scary for them. It is not the first time that a surprise has happened in Delhi metro. Many people took to their social media and posted the kind of abuse they face in Delhi Metro. Full fights and subway fights for people kissing. That’s good. Many people posted a video of a couple kissing on a train.

If that’s not enough, people have even cut videos of themselves dancing to many popular and viral songs. All these things have prompted the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation or DMRC to post a sign that passengers should avoid such practices.

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