World’s Most Expensive Paneer

most expensive paneer

World’s Most Expensive Paneer Costing ₹80,000 Per Kg

Paneer. This Indian family staple quickly leaves foodies salivating. Whether it’s Palak Paneer, Paneer Bhurji, Paneer Paratha or the wanton Paneer Butter Masala, the Indian curds is an inclination. However, did you had any idea that the world’s most expensive paneer costs an incredible ₹80,000 per kg? Furthermore, it’s made of jackass milk?

World’s most expensive Paneer Priced At ₹80,000 Per Kg

Pule is an extravagant cheddar created in Serbia. A costly paneer, Pule costs ₹80,000 per kg as it’s made of jackass’ milk. The surface and taste are accepted to be of such predominant quality that cheddar fans depend on it. This selective milk to set up the dazzling cheddar must be found in Zasavica Nature Reserve. To get ready only 1 kg of Pule, 25 liters of jackass milk is utilized. Thus, presently you realize the reason why it’s so expensive and pursued.


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Advantages Of Donkey Milk

Strangely, jackass milk is stacked with protein and antimicrobial impacts. It’s known to decrease stomach illnesses that are brought about by microscopic organisms and infections. Further developing stomach wellbeing and lift the development of good microscopic organisms in the stomach is additionally known. As per a Times Of India report, jackass milk has hostile to maturing and recuperating properties that mend skin disturbance, and redness and forestall wrinkles.


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