A video of a man dancing to the Bollywwod song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ from the film Dil Se, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Malaika Arora, has gone viral on the internet. People were surprised by the courage of the man in taking the event away from the crowded place. Some people were also impressed that what he was doing did not affect the passengers.

Shared on the Instagram page called @imjustbesti, the video opens to show a man wearing a white shirt and black trousers inside the London Underground. Soon he got into the train and started dancing to the song Chaiyya Chaiyya. From the train he moves onto the station and finally onto the walkway.

“The way everyone in London doesn’t like anything,” the post’s caption reads.


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So cringe. He’s not even good at it. Just cringe,” commented one user on the post.

“I love how in London everyone just let’s you be,” wrote another user.

“I wish he danced to the beat and did it happier.. it’s just a fun, soulful tune,” wrote a third.

“This is why Graduate visa in UK is being reduced to 6 months,” joked a fourth.

While another user wrote, “The man had to kill his ego and do this. I rate him for that fam”.

The film Dil Se starring, Shah Rukh Khan, Manisha Koirala and Preity Zinta was released in August 1998. Directed by the popular Mani Ratnam, the film was a blockbuster and its songs were a huge hit.

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