Goa Is Getting A New Taxi App Called Goa Taxi App; Will Make Interstate Travel Cheaper And Easier

Goa Is Getting A New Taxi App Called Goa Taxi App; Will Make Interstate Travel Cheaper And Easier

Good news for anyone traveling to Goa soon! If you’ve ever been to the States, you know that as beautiful as it is, getting around the city can get a little expensive. Taxis are not cheap. Many complain that flying between Goa and Mumbai can be cheaper than traveling in the state by taxi. However, all this is about to change as Goa’s new Taxi app will make travel within the state cheaper and more convenient.

Goa Taxi App Will Make Travelling Cheaper And More Convenient

Goa Taxi App is a new taxi booking system for traveling in the state. Launched on Friday, September 15, it is expected to make travel within the state easier and cheaper. The app was launched by Goa Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant.

It was done in the presence of Rohan Khaunte, Tourism Minister of Goa along with Ganesh Gaonkar who is the Chairman of GTDC and Suneel Anchipaka, Director of Tourism. GTDC is the Goa Tourism Development Corporation.

This decision was made to increase the number of tourists in the area. Since travel within the state will be cheaper, it is expected that this will attract more tourists to visit the state. The soft launch of the app happened six months ago.

Launched After GoaMiles, A Multi-Modal App


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Since then, around 500 tourist taxi operators have joined the app. Drivers will get a lot of financial benefits from different programs. They can benefit from scholarships for their children’s education, financial assistance for marriage, etc.

Earlier this month, GoaMiles was launched. It is a multi-purpose tool to make traveling to Goa convenient. It can be used to get various transportation options like drivers, buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, etc. The cost per kilometer will be for users to be clear about it so that they don’t pay too much.

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