Age Is Just A Number for This 63-Year-Old Mom who Paraglides And Hikes With Son

Age Is Just A Number for This 63-Year-Old Mom who Paraglides And Hikes With Son


Nowadays explorers and hikers either travel alone or leave for the excursion with a gathering of companions. Twenty to thirty year olds and Gen-Zs don’t actually go with their folks while investigating another objective, particularly when the objective is brimming with experiences and exciting exercises. Indeed, there is an exemption for everything and we have found a young fellow who leaves on bold excursions with his 63-year-old mother. Express welcome to S Venkatesh, who goes with his mother, Subha Surianarayanan, to lovely objections in India.

63-Year-Old Adventure Enthusiast Mom Travels With Her Son



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S Venkatesh and his mother are breaking the hindrances of more established individuals not enjoying audacious exercises. New Delhi’s mom child couple is showing the greatest and most captivating ‘travel objectives’ and is certainly a motivation for some individuals. The mother-child couple continues climbing and paragliding and the mother isn’t apprehensive about anything coming before her. Age is only a number for herself and not a full stop to her fantasies and enthusiasm. Subha’s craving and commitment to investigating the world are to an alternate degree. She is energetic about voyaging and is dependably on her toes to travel and investigate.

It has been more than a long time since Venkatesh lost his dad. To adapt to the sad misfortune, these couple trips help them a great deal. Voyaging is very much like a promoter for them. It assists them with controlling their anguish and partake in the little blissful snapshots of their lives. Venkatesh puts stock in giving opportunity to his family and to his in the middle of between his bustling timetable. We never understand what will befall us and when it will happen to us. As a matter of fact, we really should go through a few vital minutes with our loved ones.

They Have Already Planned Their Next Trip!

The following outing of the child and mother couple will be at the following month, August. We are certain it will definitely be grand very much like their other remarkable excursions. Subhas’ birthday is in the long stretch of August and this experience will be to praise the birthday of the 63-year-old.

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