Famous Street Food Items of AGRA

Famous Street Food Items of AGRA


Perhaps of the most gorgeous landmark lies around here. Indeed, it’s the Taj Mahal in Agra. However, this city brings more to the table, the rich culture, wonderful design, Mughlai food, and Agra ka Petha. The food of Agra is a blend of neighborhood northern flavors and Mughal Cuisine. In any case, the road food of Agra is something which ought not be missed in light of the fact that it’s a gastronomic pleasure. Here are a portion of the must-attempt famous road food things of Agra.

1.  Panchhi  KA Petha


Agra ka Petha is the famous dish of Agra. Your outing is deficient without having this Petha. There’s a shop named Panchhi Petha in Sadar Bazaar which serves the most scrumptious petha. They serve a choice assortment of petha so you can savor their angoori petha, standard petha, Kesar petha, and numerous different choices as well. Every one of them are so new and magnificent.

2. Ram Babu Paratha


This restaurant is on Mathura Road.Ram Babu Parathas serve a wide assortment of parathas. They serve their parathas with a veggie, dal or curry, and some curd. This outlet is known for its gigantic size and liberal tasty stuffing. You can really feel the desi ghee’s desire for each chomp.


3. Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a mix of a sound and scrumptious bite. Chaat Gali in Agra has a ton of slows down serving the paneer tikka. However, we prescribe you to attempt Paneer Tikka at Sardar Ji Paneer Tikka. It’s a food slow down serving delightful veggie lover snacks, as Paneer Tikka, Malai Chaap, Tawa Chaap, Rumali Roti, and so forth.

4. Tikki of Agra Chaat House

Agra Chaat House is a food joint in Chat Gali. Visit Gali has a perfect number of outlets serving lip-smacking road food things. In the event that to be explicit, do attempt Agra Chaat House’s Tikki. It’s presumably a Tikki finished off with chole, chutneys, and a few onions. The Tikki is certainly a few scores up in taste.

5. Pushpak’s Bedami puri

Bedai is a morning meal specialty of Agra. It is fundamentally a puri made of dal, coriander, and a few flavors. The puri is presented with a veggie and curd. Pushpak is an outlet in Phullati Bazar that serves quite hot flaky and tasty Bedai. You can savor this Bedai with a sweet or their renowned Kadhai ka dudh.


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