Anjani Mahadev Temple Manali Beautiful small Hindu temple in the Solang Valley, Burwa, Himachal Pradesh. This temple is a short trekking into the valley, the river, the steps, the stones and you reach the temple of Mahadev sitting on horse riding horses. The best thing about this trek is that it saves time and covers the Shivling-Fatru-Solang area which is regarded as the most beautiful trails in both summer and winter. The lingam takes shape after drops of water drip from the rocks and freeze shortly after they contact with the ground.

Overlooking the scenic Solang Valley, Anjani Mahadev remains a popular pilgrimage site with a waterfall that freezes in winter and forms a 30-meter natural Shiva lingam. The site is accessible via a 3 km (1.9 miles) long uphill trail that can be crossed on foot or on horseback. At the nearby temple, you can get refreshments. Choose to start, end or center your vacation on a trip to Anjani Mahadev Temple. Anjani Mahadev Manali

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Anjani Mahadev temple is located in Solang village in a place called Burwa, which is 3km above the Solang ski slopes. The temple is only accessible by trekking with mules and horses. The temple is famous for its 20 foot tall Ice Shivling, discovered here by Baba Prakash Puri 15 years ago. It is also believed that this was the place where Anjani, Lord Hanuman’s mother, prayed and meditated.

In Anjani Mahadev, the icy Shiva Lingam is formed from October to March. This manifestation of Shiva is attributed to the penance of Anjani, Mother of Hanuman who was conceived here.

We will take you to Solang Valley (2480m). Then you will trek towards Anjani Mahadev (2530m). We will then spend some time at the Anjani Mahadev temple. You will also stop in the middle for lunch. Once done with darshan. We will return to Solang Valley.

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Important Guidelines

Wear comfortable clothes. Avoid tight-fitting clothing or jeans that will make it difficult to stretch your legs. Avoid carrying valuables. Wear shoes with a good grip. Ideally, wear long-sleeved clothing, as they protect against bushes and tree branches on the trail. Bring a 1 liter bottle with you and drink plenty of water during the hike to keep yourself hydrated. It is good to bring a backpack with the essentials and a change of clothes.

Manali is located 2000m above sea level. So give your body a day to acclimate, if you’re coming from the plains, before you venture out on the hike.

Anjani Mahadev Temple in Manali

Anjani Mahadev temple near Solang ski slopes in Manali Himachal Pradesh is witnessing large numbers of devotees due to the formation of a sacred ice Shivling. The Shiva Lingam begins forming in the first week of November and grows four to six inches each day and would grow up to 30 feet during the winter season. The temple is about 13 km from Manali temple in solang valley

The Anjani Mahadev trek temple in Kullu is also known as Amarnath of Kullu or Chota Amarnath. Shivling formed here just like Ice Shivling formed in the famous Amarnath Cave in Jammu and Kashmir.

The temple is named after Anjana, the mother of Lord Hanuman.

The belief is that Anjani meditated here and did penance to please Shiva. She did penance here to have Hanuman as her son. The water that flows through the mountain here turns to snow due to the sub-zero temperature. Manali to anjani mahadev The fall of the water is such that it becomes an ice crack.

The Shivling is present from mid-November to mid-April. The best time to visit is in the months of December and January.

Anjani Mahadev Manali is located about 2 km from the anjani mahadev solang valley. There is a 40-minute uphill walk to reach the solang valley temple.

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