Maldives For Indian Here’s Everything You Need To Know About

maldives for indian

The international borders of the Maldives island nation have opened a plethora of stay options for Indian tourists. Organize your plans for visiting the Maldives and choose from an exceptional variety of accommodation options: resorts, liveaboards, guesthouses and hotels. Read on to learn more about the guidelines to follow and the facilities that tourists can enjoy to the fullest.


Is Maldives Open for Indian Tourists?

Since July 15, 2021, when the Maldives opened its international borders for Indian tourists, there has been a sharp increase in vacation plans by Indians. All arriving tourists, including those who have completed prescribed doses of Covid-19 vaccines and are cured of Covid-19, must have a negative PCR test for a sample taken at most 96 (ninety-six) hours before departure from the first point boarding during your visit to the Maldives. By opting for direct flights from New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru cities to Maldives, Indian tourists are eagerly charting their itinerary to traverse the vast expanse of crystal clear waters, white sands and luxurious aquatic adventures.

The Maldives are naturally endowed with geographically dispersed islands. All 1190+ islands stretch beautifully for 871 kilometers. The islands are grouped into a double chain of 26 atolls. Perfectly positioned for natural spacing which extends a pleasant feeling of being at one with nature.

Since natural distancing is a strong possibility and perfect for today’s norms of social distancing, tourists can be completely at ease in this island nation. One of the most surprising aspects is the spectacular variety of accommodation options for travelers. Available to suit all budgets, a tourist can easily select the ideal accommodation option based on their individual taste, preference, occasion, group size and even budget constraints.

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Naturally endowed with a beautiful coastline, the Maldives have islands where one resort is located on an entire island. Thus, the concept of “One Island One Resort” becomes a fabulous possibility. This makes the norm of social distancing possible and also features luxurious exclusivity for couples and private groups. Indian tourists can choose from a variety of leading resorts that are club-style or chic boutique resorts. Make a wise choice where your family’s fun is guaranteed. Couples can make their moments special by opting for remote resorts where exclusivity can enhance their sense of romance. Each resort has its own chef and team to assist guests, ensuring highest sense of fine hospitality.

If you are planning a dream vacation in the Maldives, here is everything you need to know to ensure the perfect experience!

The Maldives are almost mythical. Something heavenly, a four hour trip from India (by plane). Tourism in the Maldives has skyrocketed after the second wave in India after half of Bollywood and influencers decided to visit us and bombard our feeds with their glorious images. The suggestive setting of the proposals certified it as one of the most dreamy places.

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From India to the Maldives: Everything you need to plan your trip

Note: The COVID-19 pandemic in countries around the world is constantly evolving. Please check the new protocols before planning your trip to the Maldives to avoid last minute problems.

When to visit the Maldives

November to April is the best time to visit the Maldives. Although the Maldives is an island destination, which means it is perfect for aquatic kids. Therefore, the numerous water activities also depend on the different seasons.

Currency Exchange

The recommended currency in the Maldives is the US dollar (not INR). For tips, purchases, RT-PCR testing, miscellaneous expenses, use USD.

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Documents Required for Indians in Maldives

Here’s everything you need to know about Maldives for Indian:

In accordance with the health requirements of the Maldives government, all guests traveling to the Maldives must submit the health declaration form at this link within 24 hours prior to departure to and from the Maldives.

Before completing this form, you will need a negative RT-PCR certificate taken within 72-96 hours prior to departure.

You can also show your full vaccination certificate, but RT-PCR is mandatory. If you have had Covaxin, it is not yet recognized by the Maldivian government. But do not worry! A negative RT-PCR is all you need.

Some hotels and resorts in the Maldives are also conducting RT-PCR tests upon arrival, so make sure you bring enough cash for this.

RT-PCR in the Maldives costs around USD 100.

The IMUGA form also has a DEPARTURE form, which means that you will need to fill out that form before leaving for India. The same form requires an RT-PCR test to enter India.

You will need to perform approximately three RT-PCR tests over the course of your trip. Check with the hotel before booking!

Before leaving for India, fill out an Air Suvidha health declaration form. It is different for each state.

The electronic visa can be registered on the IMUGA website, or you can obtain a visa on arrival.

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