5 Apps That Will Help You Save a Lot on Hotel Stays

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You have to spend a lot of money if you are a keen traveler. And most of this expense goes to booking the stay. Choosing and booking a place to stay is the most important part of a vacation. We can never compromise on luxury and comfort, so sometimes we end up spending more than we intended. But housing doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are so many ways to go on vacation without burning a hole in your pocket, and some apps really make the process easy. Download some great apps to save big on hotel stays for your next trips. Here are 5 useful apps to save big on hotel stays.


Last minute plans require a lot of extra money when booking tickets and accommodation. But now you can easily plan a last minute trip without paying too much for hotel stays. Do you want to know how? Download the ‘HotelTonight’ app and start using it. Users can book hotels for the same day or up to 6 days before travel. They offer huge living options, from simple to luxurious. This app is also associated with renowned hotels. If those hotels aren’t full, users can book rooms on the app at a good discount. Both hotels and users benefit from it.


This app is a must for any avid traveler. After downloading ‘Orbitz’, each user receives a discount for their first hotel booking. The app also includes many exclusive offers and discounts. You can also earn reward points with this app and redeem them when booking your next stay. This app also works efficiently for searching and booking flights and car rentals.


Hipmunk is an app that offers many benefits. Not only does it help book a stay at a bargain price, it is also a great app for properly exploring hotels. The process of sorting hotels by low price can be done easily here, unlike most other apps. All the features of each hotel have detailed reviews from travelers like you and me. Therefore, it is the perfect way to get a great hotel for a low price.

Hotels By Day

‘Hotels By Day’ is a unique app that is a savior for all travelers. This app doesn’t work “night” or “day”, instead you can only book rooms for a couple of hours and pay accordingly. You can simply book a hotel for the day or night and relax for a while. If you need to work or take a break, this app is the perfect solution for it. Hotels will only charge you for the hours booked. It will certainly cost you much less than staying overnight. Interestingly, this app was also featured on Shark Tank.


Couchsurfing is one of the most common apps for all solo travelers and backpackers. This app helps tourists to meet the locals and stay in their homes. Sounds interesting, right? Couchsurfing is one of the best money-saving apps and a great way to save a lot of money on the hosting side. It also paves the way for union with other travelers from all over the world.

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