Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s love for Indian food is no mystery. In 2020, Scott Morrison shared pictures of homemade samosas or “ScoMosas” that he wanted to share with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While the previous “Samose Pe Charcha” has become a thing, now the Australian Prime Minister has won the hearts of Desi with his homemade khichdi.

After Samosas, the Australian Prime Minister cooks Khichdi for Prime Minister Modi

On April 10, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison threw a party to celebrate Australia’s new trade deal with India. He took to Instagram to reveal that he cooked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s favorite khichdi for the curry night. In his caption, he stated that his wife, Jen, his daughter and his mother approve of the delicious Gujarati dish. The viral footage shows Scott Morrison standing over a pot of khichdi on the stove.

Indian cuisine cooked to celebrate the new trade agreement between India and Australia

Another image shows a bowl of khichdi and a pot of delicious brown curry garnished with coriander leaves. The Australian Prime Minister cooked these Indian dishes after India and Australia signed a trade and economic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, Canberra will offer 95% of Indian products such as jewelry, furniture, textiles and leather with duty-free access. In the meantime, here’s the vibrant story of our favorite khichdi food.

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