Be Prepared to Pay More for Maggi, Tea and Coffee as Nestlé and HUL Raise Prices

Be Prepared to Pay More for Maggi, Tea and Coffee as Nestlé and HUL Raise Prices

Uh Oh! We have some bad news for all Maggi lovers in town. Your favorite snack, the night binge, Maggi will get more expensive as Nestlé India and Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) raise prices. After an increase in the prices of most consumer products in many categories, Maggi, tea and coffee will see a rise in prices. Read on for all the details.

Maggi will become 16 percent more expensive

According to a CNBC TV-18 report, Nestlé India will raise the price of everyone’s favorite Maggi noodles by 9 to 16 percent. So this price change would mean that 70g of Maggi Masala noodles will now cost ₹ 14 instead of ₹ 12 before. A 140g pack of Maggi Masala noodles will cost ₹ 3 more. And the 560g pack will cost ₹ 105 instead of the previous ₹ 96. So that would mean more expensive Maggi noodles at home and in your favorite restaurants and street food too.

Nestlé India raises prices for tea, coffee and milk

Well, the news gets worse because it’s not just about Maggi. Nestlé India also raised the prices of powdered milk, tea and coffee. The rise in prices is the result of the release of a new retail inflation for February 2022. The rise in inflation has also led to an increase in the general household budget. Therefore, you can expect the prices of Nescafé coffee powder, Taj Mahal tea and the 1-liter carton of Nestlé A + milk to rise. In the meantime, if you’re a die-hard Maggi fan who doesn’t let anything stand in your way, head to Hungry Head for some crazy Maggi strains.

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