What Makes Thalassa Goa Awesome – All you Need to Know

What Makes Thalassa Goa Awesome – All you Need to Know

Thalassa means “the sea” in Greek, and indeed the dominant view at this quaint restaurant in Vagator, north Goa, is the Indian Ocean. Thalassa Vaddy Siolim Goa – Detailed Information about Dance Performance Sunset, Menu , Booking and price of the restaurant

It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic setting for an open-air restaurant than Thalassa, which sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. While the sun is still out, you can’t take your eyes off the beautiful coast of Vagator. When it gets dark, the sea continues to dominate your experience as you feel the breeze on your face. And you never stop listening to the symphony of the ocean as the waves ebb and flow. In my dining out experience, Thalassa reigns supreme. If you are planning a trip to Goa, book a night for Thalassa. Speaking of reservations, don’t arrive at the restaurant without a reservation. In the evening there are usually many people waiting for a table at the restaurant, which is popular with both tourists and wealthy Goans.

The Story Of Thalassa

Thalassa in Greek mythology, known as the primal spirit of the sea. It was more like a dream come true for Mariketty Grana. Who wished to give India a taste of authentic Greek food. Food is something that has fascinated him since childhood. Thalassa vaddy siolim goa As his father ran a restaurant in Corfu. Expert chef, he brings his family recipes to serve the best of Greek cuisine and does not compromise even on the ingredients used. Thalassa changed the way the world perceives Goa. Introduced the city to authentic Mediterranean Greek cuisine and hospitality complete with a beautiful dining experience.

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About Thalassa Goa

Among the best restaurants in Goa, not only for its exquisite Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, but also for its picturesque sea and sunset views. Thalassa goa booking must need before going

“Little Greece”, also known as Thalassa Goa, is located at the northern end of Vagator, on the road from Siolim via the coastal road.

With ample outdoor seating, live music, a beach bar, food to nibble on, trendy shops, always packed crowds, and more. If you are in North Goa, Thalassa Goa is definitely worth a visit, especially at sunset.

More detail of Thalassa Goa

Thalassa is a dream and it is a reality at the same time. Romance personified. You sit here and you feel like a teenager who just fell in love. The place transforms you into a dreamer, a philosopher and touches your inner gourmet traveler on a deeper level.

I know this place is all over the web as one of the places to eat in Goa. Well it’s famous and the most talked about place for nothing. It deserves more praise and more buzz than it gets. It is definitely the place to go when you are in Goa.

Located on Vagator most secluded beach, Thalassa vaddy siolim goa gives you a million dollar view of the Indian Ocean in Goa. Thalassa is all about sparkling views of the crystal clear sea with dazzling and delicious food. Well, for me Thalassa is more about the view than the food. I was in Goa a while ago and like everyone else my friends and I gathered in Thalassa to see what all the hustle was all about only to realize that all the hustle and bustle is so real.

The place is not very big and has been tastefully decorated in white. Everything you see around you is white. The service can be a bit slow as the place is full of people all the time. Well please book in advance, otherwise you might be disappointed. And you don’t want to be sent back after making every effort to get here.

What Makes Thalassa Awesome

Where there is a beach, there is a sunset! Dotted with numerous stunning beaches, Goa invites all travelers to hop on and enjoy a glorious sunset. Thalassa goa booking must need before going After that Enjoy panoramic views of the Arabian Sea while sipping a cold bottle of King’s Beer and sampling some of the best local seafood.

Imagine sitting in a cozy cabin overlooking a beautiful beach where the sun sets and the sky turns red, yellow and orange.  Most Importantly There is a luxurious range of Mediterranean prawns, watermelon salad with feta cheese and the popular Greek dish Kliftiko. Similarly The environment is decorated in white and blue, like the island of Santorini in Greece. You are sipping a refreshing cocktail as you savor every moment of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Well folks, you can bring this imagination to life at the Thalassa Greek Taverna in Siolim and Panjim of Goa.

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Special Deals and Offers in Thalassa, Vagator, North Goa

Take a Greek holiday in Goa by dining at Thalassa Vaddy Siolim goa, a charming seaside tavern known for its good food and great atmosphere. So Washed completely in white, like the quintessential Greek landscape, Thalassa is a reflection of its name, which in Greek means “the sea”. Perched on a rocky cliff in Vagator, Thalassa serves traditional Greek recipes, served in a romantic and seductive setting created by the sea. Thalassa goa booking must need before going Go a little early and get a table as close to the edge as possible to enjoy a beautiful sunset with your date for a special occasion. If you visit on the weekend, you can enjoy a traditional Greek dance show.

Famous Food at Thalassa

One of the delights of dinner at Thalassa is its wonderful menu of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Therefore to be enjoyed along the glorious Arabian Sea. In other Words Add some mimosas to accompany appetizers such as calamari meatballs, village bruschetta, grilled shrimp skewers, fish soup, mini empanadas with feta cheese, lamb kebab, spiced mushroom saganaki, stuffed sardines, fried zucchini, saganaki flameado, pizzas of Greek chicken, keftedakia and steamed mussels in ouzo sauce. So For main courses, try the beef moussaka, the Thalassa lobster, the briammi, the kleftiko, the Greek spaghetti, the lamb burger, the grilled chicken, the mussels cooked in fresh tomato sauce, the beef pastitsio , prawns in garlic sauce, pork gyros and vegetable souvlaki. , roast lamb, spana korizo ​​and snapper fillet with bourdetto.

To give your sweet tooth a boost, opt for Thalassa
rich creamy homemade Greek yogurt cheesecakes. Their blueberry yogurt smoothies are to die for. This is all about the atmosphere and makes a lot of money thanks to its beautiful location and tavern-like atmosphere.

Thalassa Goa Menu

Thalassa goa price

The thalassa goa menu

thalassa goa

Thalassa goa booking must need before going


Thalassa goa price ₹3000-4000 Average Meal for Two

Insider Tips

A must see is the Greek “Hasapiko” dance performed by Spiro, Mariketty’s son, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Call and reserve a table in advance to avoid disappointment
Get there by 05:00 pm to enjoy a magical sunset

What is Thalassa famous for?

Having moved out to the backwaters along with Siolim (from its prior location of Vagator hilltop), Thalassa is famous for its signature cocktails and sunsets. Reverberating with the cultural flavor of Greece, it serves authentic Greek Mediterranean cuisine. thalassa goa price is high

Which day is best to visit Thalassa?

And yes, sunset is the best time. However, if it is not crowded, you can while away time and chill. Actually, even if you have to leave your table after eating, you can hang around the rocks there, there is a lot of space in and around Thalassa.

Who is the owner of Thalassa Goa?

Mariketty Grana, the owner of Thalassa, started off as a humble kebab seller in Goa

Who was Thalassa?

Thalassa was a primordial deity in Greek mythology, goddess of the sea. She was the daughter of Aether and Hemera

When did Thalassa open in Goa?

Her entry into the food & hospitality scene started at the Arpora Flea market where she would sell some great Greek delicacies. She went on to start Thalassa in 2006 & is now one of the most adored restaurants in Goa.

Thalassa goa menu

Known For. A Greek Taverna Overlooking The Arabian Sea. thalassa goa menu Cuisines · Popular Dishes. Authentic Greek Food, Chocolate Baklava, Chicken Gyro, Chicken Casserole Thalassa goa booking must need before going thalassa goa price Bit High

Why is Thalassa shifted?

The Mumbai branch of Tha lassa, the popular Greek eatery in Goa’s Vagator, has run into trouble with the owner of the brand wanting the restaurant to shut down over allegations of funds misuse


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