Best Beaches of Singapore on Sentosa Island – The Complete Guide

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Beach lovers is a huge community – they get high on beach outings for azure water and swishing trees rejuvenate them; sandy beds and sun-tan loungers entice them, Sentosa island in Singapore and beach parties and beach sports enthrall them. And trust us, if you are a beach lover, the best beaches in Singapore will lure you all year around. Siloso beach Sentosa Especially during November to early March, tanjong beach when the weather is awesome for swimming, adventure sports, beaches in Sentosa island and beach games.

Talking of Singapore’s popular beaches, they can be divided into two broad clusters – one, the beaches of Sentosa Island; and two, the east coast beaches. Both clusters are pristine, but Sentosa is livelier because of its extreme popularity. These Singapore beaches are good for swimming, and fun activities, but if you are looking at some solitary unwinding and chilled out camping fun, beaches at the eastern coast of Singapore are a better pick. Sentosa island in Singapore Have a quick look at all the beautiful beaches in Singapore if you want to spend some time by the ocean on the island country:

Best Beaches in Singapore on Sentosa Island

Here are some of the best beaches in Singapore if you want to laze about by the beach and have a good time under the sun. Sentosa island in Singapore All of these are some top attractions in Sentosa Island that makes it so appealing for travelers.

How many beaches are on Sentosa?

If you have never visited Sentosa before then you will be delighted to hear that there are three popular beaches on the island. Sentosa’s beaches are called Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach. All three of these are open to the public to use and are nice strips of sand.

Where are the beaches on Sentosa Island?

Siloso, Palawan, and Tanjong Beach are all located along Sentosa’s southwestern shoreline. They are adjacent beaches that are separated by small patches of green space.

Palawan Beach is located between Siloso and Tanjong. Siloso is located to the north of Palawan, and Tanjong to the south. Conveniently, you can visit all three of these on the same day.

Get the party going at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

Located just off Singapore’s southern coast, Sentosa Island is home to three of Singapore’s best beaches, all three on reclaimed land created with sand brought in from Indonesia and Malaysia.

If you’re seeking swaying palm trees and tropical vibes, Sentosa island in Singapore Tanjong is where it’s at. With its sheltered waters, this big stretch of beach is a favorite for families and dog owners alike. The crowning glory is Tanjong Beach Club, which serves up delicious bites with tropical beats. On weekends, the venue gets ever livelier as the day wears on.

Zip in to lie out at Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Singapore has many beaches, but only one beachfront resort: the luxurious Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa. While anyone can access Siloso Beach, the Shangri-La has roped off the western stretch exclusively for its guests. Here, you’ll find a lovely lagoon equipped with water-sports equipment and beach activities. If you’re looking for an adventurous way to arrive, check out the Mega Adventure’s Mega Zip, a 450m(1475ft)-long zip line. You’ll take a thrilling ride from the forest of Mt Imbiah and land on Siloso Beach.

A short walk from the hotel is Tra pizza, an excellent spot for Italian fare. Next door is Netopia, a unique open-air play space with netted obstacle courses and giant slides – great for kids, as well as the young at heart.

 Siloso Beach – A Buzzing Beach

Siloso Beach is one of the most popular public beaches in Singapore. Always buzzing with activities, there is never a dull moment at Siloso beach Singapore. So, you can find people partying, dancing, canoeing, playing volleyball and horse riding around the beach. The amazing eateries and beach shacks make Siloso one of the top beaches in Singapore.

Secondly Siloso is one of the liveliest beaches in Singapore. Located on Sentosa Island, the beach is a sought-after destination thanks to its clean, sandy cove, and clean waters that are ideal for swimming.

Aside from enjoying the beach’s calm waters, visitors can also indulge in fun activities such as kayaking, cycling, rollerblading, and paddle boarding. Volleyball courts are set up on the sand, and friendly matches are played during the weekends.

At night, the family friendly Siloso comes alive wits with parties, and music from the vibrant bars and restaurants that surround the beach.

Sentosa island in Singapore

Siloso Beach Sentosa

Siloso Beach Sentosa is probably the easiest one to get to of the beaches on Sentosa Island. This is due to its accessibility from Beach Station which is part of the Siloso Beach Sentosa Express.  Consequently, it is usually the most visited beach on the island as well.

Siloso Beach Sentosa is also a great spot to visit if you enjoy water sports like kayaking and skim-boarding. You can also rollerblade, cycle and play beach volleyball here. It’s also a handy place to enjoy beachside snacks. Expect to find a beach promenade with cool bars, restaurants and shops to check out.

At the northern tip of Siloso Beach Sentosa, you will find the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa (5-star, 8.6/10 review score). This is a great place to stay while visiting Sentosa with sweeping views. We recommend this resort if you want access to the beaches on Sentosa Island.

Things to do: Partying, dancing, canoeing, playing volleyball and horse riding.
Tourist attractions: Beach sports such as beach volley, banana ride, beach riding among others, and laid-back eateries serving a wide range of snacks and beverages.
Facilities available: Beachfront hotel, Beach tram, pavilions, restaurants, little shops, and walkways.
Best time to visit: November to January, May to August
How to reach: One can easily reach the Beach by bus number 123, MRT with the nearest station being the Harbour Front, or just by taking a cab.

Palawan Beach – The Ideal Beach

Palawan Beach is located in the center of Sentosa and is aka Sentosa beach. So, Palawan beach has swaying palm trees, shimmering white sand, expanses of blue green water and lively beach bars. A fun zone, Port of Lost Wonder is themed on pirate world, and is popular among kids and adults alike. The place is complete with a rope bridge, few wooden beam towers, a pirate ship, and numerous treasure boxes. This is the best beach in Singapore for swimming or even just lazy lounging.

Of the three sections of Sentosa Beach, Palawan Beach is the most famous one. It’s located right in the middle of the island, at the end of an eye-popping suspension bridge, which links Palawan to the southernmost point of continental Asia. However, the bridge has observation towers on each end, and visitors can climb all the way up for show-stopping 360-degree views of the water, the tropical jungle, and the coastline.

siloso beach sentosa

Palawan is considered one of the most family-friendly Singapore beaches. The calm, turquoise lagoons here are ideal for swimming and watersports, while the fluffy white sand is ideal for building sandcastles. Not to mention that the beach is home to the famous Palawan Pirate Ship Park, and Singapore’s first floating aqua park, Sentosa island in Singapore which features inflatable playgrounds for adults and kids to enjoy.

Seeking gentler options? Then simply lounge on the fluffy sands as you hear the swaying palm trees and take in the cool ocean breeze.

Curious fact: Palawan is said to be the closest point to the Equator in Asia!

Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) is built right along Palawan Beach. It is a busy complex that is awesome for small children (and anyone wanting to get wet in Singapore’s extreme heat!). It has water slides, fountains and tons of pools. Conveniently, you can find some shops here selling food in case you want to have a family snack. It’s free to access Palawan Beach but there is a fee to enter the Port of Lost Wonders.

The middle portion of Palawan Beach features a suspension bridge that allows visitors to walk over to Palawan Island. This is considered to be the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia (the closest point to the Equator in Asia). You might want to take a few photos here to celebrate that you made it to this point in the world!

Things to do: Relax by the beach, indulge in water sports, click photographs.
Tourist attractions: Pirate-themed water park, Port of the Lost World; and clear water.
Facilities available: Cabana style beach bars, beach shelters, play area, souvenir shops, and restaurants.
Best time to visit: February and March
How to reach: It can be easily reach by any public transport in the city. Because One can take the Sentosa Express from Vivocity Level 3 and then take the blue line to reach Palawan.

Tanjong Beach – The Party Spot

A man-made wonder, Tanjong is rated among Singapore’s best beaches. It is hidden in the south coast of Sentosa and bless with a beautiful crescent-shaped beachline, shallow warm water, tropical palm trees, and glittering white sand. It is the ultimate party destination, where Tanjong Beach Club organizes night beach parties every fortnight. Just walking distance from Palawan Beach, it has vibes that push you to let go and relax. After that This is one of the most famous beaches in Singapore.

Gloriously nestled west of the southernmost tip of Singapore’s Sentosa Island. Similarly Tanjong Beach is a retreat of peace and serenity. This man-man island is less crowded as compared to the other two touristic beaches on Sentosa, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a well-deserved city break.

siloso beach sentosa

Praised for its white sand, Tanjong Beach is form from two link coves and warm lagoon-like shallows shelter by an offshore island. The beach’s large expanses of sand provide families with thrilling opportunities for activities like frisbee and beach volleyball.

There are also kayaks and surfboards available for rent. As well as sidewalks framed by a verdant landscape, which are the perfect place for scenic strolls.

Tanjong may know for its serene atmosphere. But the beach is also a sought-after party destination in Singapore. Twice a month at night, the popular Tanjong Beach Club, tucked at one end of Sentosa. Hosts some of the most coveted parties on the island. Home to a swimming pool, sun-loungers, and an extensive menu of drinks. So, the bar provides more relaxed vibes in the daytime.

Tanjong Beach is different from the other beaches on Sentosa Island. Since it is the farthest from Beach Station, it tends to be quieter and more tranquil. It takes more time and effort to get to Tanjong Beach which makes it a great spot to relax.

You may enjoy Tanjong’s serenity. This is ideal for reading a book or playing some leisurely beach volleyball with your friends.

Tanjong Beach is also home to Tanjong Beach Club. This is a superb place to have a few drinks with friends under the sun.  Tanjong Beach Club is located along the southern corner of the beach, so you can’t miss it if you are walking from Palawan Beach or taking the beach shuttle.

Similar to Siloso and Palawan, Tanjong Beach has a ‘manmade’ offshore island. This helps reduce beach erosion. Also, consider swimming to it if you want to get some exercise.

Things to do: Partying, dancing, playing volleyball and horse riding.
Tourist attractions: Happening beach parties organized by the Tanjong Beach Club.
Facilities available: Beach side swimming pool, cabanas, loungers, shelters, rental bikes, and deck chairs.
Best time to visit: October to February
How to reach: This beach can reach by taking the Sentosa Express. One can also take the tram that runs between Palawan and Tanjong Beach.


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