Places to Visit in Singapore – Guide and Tips

places to visit in singapore

Singapore is one country that will never cease to keep surprising its visitors and the world! places to visit in Singapore cloud forest Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, it is both a city and a country locate in Southeast Asia Merlion Park Sentosa Island of Singapore. It is a melting pot of culture and history, and an extravaganza of culinary delights.

Since 1905, Singapore has change its time zones 6 times! Sentosa Island of Singapore Presently its time zone is GMT+8 (just to be in synch with Malaysia), but it is technically still incorrect. Singapore should be in the GMT +7.5 time zone. Chewing gum is ban in Singapore. Only those with medical prescription can chew gum!
Singapore is one of the 20 smallest countries in the world. The main island is 42 kilometres long and 23 kilometres Sentosa Island of Singapore wide and has a total land area of just 683 square kilometres. There is a maximum limit to how high buildings in Singapore can be built, which is 280 meters.

Merlion Park

The picturesque Merlion Park, locate near One Fullerton in the CBD (Central Business District) area Merlion Park, is an iconic Singapore sight, housing two Merlion statues. Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish and is consider an icon of Merlion Park the Lion City.

Spouting water from the mouth, the larger of the two statues measure 8.6 meters, which was later join by a Merlion cub, measuring 2 meters and locate near the main Merlion. While visiting the concrete structure isn’t in itself worth the time, the Marina Bay view’s make the trip worthwhile.

The 70-tonne concrete statue was first unveiled in 1972 and became one of the must-visit tourist spots of Singapore. The original Merlion statue and the cub is one of the seven approve Merlion sculptures in the metropolitan. The best time to Merlion Park enjoy this half-lion, half-fish structure is either early in the morning or late at night when the crowd is less and view from across the Marina Bay is breathtaking.

Merlion Park

Experience the Walking Quest

Merlion Park is full of fun, especially with the kids. There are a number of stops such as the Jubilee Bridge Sign, Ulysses by the Merlion, Merlion Park Sign and so on, that can be explore together as a family. To make it more interesting, the children can be given a clue and they must be reward after completing the quest.

Take Pictures

A trip to the Merlion Park is incomplete if one doesn’t take pictures of the legendary Merlion statue. The place looks magical after sundown and offers some of the best backdrops to take photos.

Wander Around

Merlion Park is a great place to soak up the typical Singapore vibe. It is a perfect escape from the city’s hustle where visitors can relax and enjoy the calm surroundings. The cool breeze, Sentosa Island of Singapore the admirable silence and the peaceful ambience make the park worth visiting.

Watch the Light and Water Show

The Merlion Park is one of the few spots from where visitors can witness the popular light and water show at Marina Bay Sands. The show depicts sheer magnificence and watching it delights the senses.

Historical Significance of Merlion

Merlion is the true embodiment of Singapore’s glorious past when it was just a fishing village. The area surrounding the statue forms the Merlion Park, a popular tourist attraction in today’s date.

The origin of the park goes back to 1964 at the mouth of the Singapore River where the iconic statue was install in 1972. However, due to the rapid commercialization, the Merlion was no longer visible from the Marina Bay. As a result, the authorities decide to move the statue to its current location Sentosa Island of Singapore. The initial expenditure for relocating the statue in 2002 was USD 7.5 million. In 2009, the Merlion statue was struck by lightning and broke into pieces. Finally, it was restore in 2012 and stands tall overlooking the Marina Bay.

How To Reach Merlion Park

Take the Exit H from MRT Raffles Place towards Hotel Fullerton. Merlion Park is locate right behind this hotel.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is a one-of-its-kind theme park locate in Resorts World Sentosa merlion park . With 28 thrilling rides, exciting attractions, and spectacular shows, the park is spread across 49 acres and is divide into seven fun zones.

From thrilling roller coasters that zoom through reality-bending animations, live-action shows with popular animate characters, and dance parties every evening to kid-friendly carousels, Merlion Park lip-smacking delicacies, and mesmerizing zone setups, Universal Studios Singapore promises to be an exciting getaway for the entire family.

Universal Studios Singapore Rides

Ride Zone
Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON Sci-Fi City
Accelerator Sci-Fi City
TRANSFORMERS The Ride – The Ultimate 3D Battle Sci-Fi City
Revenge of the Mummy Ancient Egypt
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure the Lost World
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase New York
Treasure Hunters Ancient Egypt
Amber Rock Climb the Lost World
Canopy Flyer the Lost World

Merlion Park


Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
Step behind the scenes and watch movie magic unfold as an empty stage transforms into a boathouse in New York ravage by a Category 5 hurricane. As a cargo ship rams into the boathouse and a fire breaks out, catch your breath as the set transforms again into a calm scene and the damage is reversed, all the while with Steven Spielberg guiding you through!


Base on the popular movie, this live-action stunt show at Universal Studios Singapore features performers showcasing their talents in stunning drops, explosions, waves, and other feats.

Shrek 4D Adventure
Use Ogre Vision glasses to look into the world of Shrek and Princess Fiona as they take off on their honeymoon – this 4D ride is complete with twists, bumps, drops, blasts, bubbles, and water jets!

Donkey LIVE

This live interactive show brings the popular Shrek character Donkey straight into crowds – talk, sing, and dance along with Donkey in this indoor theatre experience.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Time Required: 6-7 hours.

Entry Fees: Adult (Age 13-59): SGD81
Child (Age 4-12): SGD61
Senior (Age 60 and above): SGD43

Singapore Night Safari

World’s first nocturnal zoo, Singapore Places to visit in Singapore Night Safari is locate next to the equally popular Singapore Zoo. Housing more than 130 species of animals, it uses open-concept enclosures or trams to take visitors on a 45-minute comment tour of its nocturnal animals and habitats.

Spread across seven distinct habitats, each housing its unique array of creatures, some sections of Singapore Night Safari can only be explore on foot via the four designated trails. For the little ones in tow, the night safari park has a 20-minute Creatures of the Night show. The animals of the night safari, ranging from gaur, chital deer, Asian elephants, rhinoceros, are made visible by lighting.

While the friendlier creatures such as deer roam the park freely, the more fierce animals like lions and tigers are kept in enclose barriers. Cultural performances are a regular part of Singapore Night Safari – don’t miss out the high-energy, fire-spinning Thumbuakar Performance held daily at the entrance courtyard.

Zones of the Night Safari

There are seven unique geographical zones in the Places to visit in Singapore Night Safari at Singapore, following an open-air zoo theme. Natural barriers separate the animals from the tourists, giving them a certain amount of mobility and freedom to move around in their natural environments. The lighting within the safari is design to resemble moonlight, bright enough to see these remarkable animals without being an annoyance to them.


places to visit in singapore merlion park

Walking Trails

In addition to embarking on the tram ride that takes tourists throughout the safari, one can also choose to explore the Singapore Night Safari through 4 walking trails laid out around the area.

Leopard Trail
Observe the nightly routine of leopards, lions, civets, porcupines through this trail. Creatures of the sky such as flying foxes and squirrels can be seen through the walk-through exhibit of Mangrove Walk.

Fishing Cat Trail

Winding through the lush, simulate jungles, one can find endangered species like the Pangolins across this trail. The interesting fishing cat can find scurrying about the water surface.

East Lodge Trail
Taking one through the crossroads of Africa and Asia, this trail let visitors view the interesting animals of the savannah co-exist with the exotic animals of the tropical regions.

Wallaby Trail

Explore the fascinating wildlife of Oceania and the neighboring region of Australasia. This captivating trail starts off as the Discovery Centre where tourists can meet marsupials like the sugar glider and brush-tailed possum. One will also pass the Naracoorte Cave, Singapore’s first man-made cave, where they will find uncommon animals like the Asian black forest scorpion, Mexican fire leg Tarantula, and the amethystine python alongside interesting aboriginal paintings hidden away in the nooks of the cave.

Shows at the Night Safari

Apart from the engrossing wildlife of the reserve, one can also attend exciting shows at the Night Safari.

Thumbaukar Performance
Start the captivating night safari experience with this exciting show involving traditionally dress performers with lit up batons honing their fire-twirling skills, set to the beat of jungle drums.
Venue: Entrance Courtyard
Duration: 7 minutes
Timings: 6:45 PM, 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM (every day), 10:00 PM (Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays)

Creatures of the Night Show
Immerse yourself in the enthralling display of the unique abilities of the fascinating creatures of the night that are found in the Night Safari in this interactive show.
Venue: Amphitheatre
Duration: 25 minutes
Timings: 7:15 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM, (every day), 10:30 PM (Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays)


  • Seating is unassigned and the venue is closed once the show starts. So, arrive 30 minutes early to secure a good vantage point.
  • Don’t use flash photography during the show as it might distract the animals.
  • The shows may be cancelled in case of wet weather.

Gardens by the Bay

Nestled in Central Singapore, Gardens by the Bay are the botanic gardens of the future, the land of next-gen Super trees groves, high-tech space domes, and outlandish sculptures. Home to almost 4,00,000 plants, Gardens by the Bay is famous for its awe-inspiring contemporary architecture and the hypnotic Garden Rhapsody, the light and sound show.

The vast and colourful super park conservatories is spread across 250 acres of reclaimed land along the waterfront. Its famous Super tree structures, which are futuristic botanical giants connected by a commanding Skyway, offer a mesmerizing view as one traverse the skywalk over the gardens. Places to visit in Singapore the over-sized seashell-shaped greenhouse of Gardens by the Bay, called the Flower Dome, is the largest glass greenhouse in the world recreating chilly mountain climates.

The garden is divided into three sections namely: Bay East, Bay South, Places to visit in Singapore and Bay Central, a garden that connects to the other two made along the waterfront. Of these sections, Bay South is the largest. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall in the Cloud Forest Conservatory is another major spot to admire. A walk around Gardens by the Bay also offers an expedition to the climate-controlled conservatories and the Super Tree that are worth visiting.

cloud forest


  • Buggy rides are available at Gardens by the Bay for the especially abled and senior citizens.
  • It gets really crowded on the weekends. Be prepared for a lot of tourists and long queue during the weekends.
  • There is a system of re-entry in the domes. In case you want to come back, you need to get a re-entry stamp on your arm.
  • There is a lot of walking in the garden. Places to visit in Singapore Make sure to carry light luggage and wear comfortable footwear.
  •  Do not damage the plants and trees in any way – avoid plucking, stomping on, climbing, or hurting them in any way. This is a punishable offence.
  • Do not litter anywhere within the premises – Places to visit in Singapore dispose of waste in appropriate trash bins. Clean up after pets and dispose accordingly.
  • No open fires – including barbeques, lighted candles, and cigarettes – are allowed in the Gardens. The entire premises is smoke-free; smoking is not allow anywhere.
  • Picnics are permit in most parts of the Gardens, excluding the Conservatories. Remember that food and drinks are not permit within the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.
  • Dogs are allow at the Outdoor Gardens, provided that they are leashed and muzzled under the Singaporean laws. Only guide dogs are allow the Conservatories, OCBC Skyway, and the Places to visit in Singapore Children’s Garden – pets are not permitted here.
  • Bicycles, roller skates, hoverboards, skateboards, and scooters are not permit in the Gardens. Cycling is allowed only along the waterfront promenade in Places to visit in Singapore Bay South Garden and the perimeter of Bay East Garden.
  • Flying drones, remote-control aerial cameras, planes, helicopters, remote-control kites, and kites are prohibit in the Gardens.
  • Swimming and fishing are not permitted throughout the Gardens.
  • While personal photography and videography are allowed, prior approval is necessary for commercial photography. Visit the official website to fill the official request form 14 days in advance.

Sentosa Island

A tiny resort-island off the southern coast of Singapore, Sentosa Island of Singapore is home to themed attractions, sun-washed beaches, lush rainforests, amazing spas and some popular resort hotels.

Pack with attractions, Sentosa Island of Singapore is speckle with panoramic gardens including a butterfly garden, amusement parks, a breathtaking aquarium (Underwater World), beach clubs with lively music, an ethnic village and the highlight of the island, a vast Merlion Statue.
Singapore’s only preserved fort, Fort Siloso, is also located on Places to visit in Singapore Sentosa Island. Siloso Beach is for those seeking Sentosa Island of Singapore solace at the beach with volleyball. The place can be easily approached by hired cars, bus, cable car or even Sentosa Express that costs SGD 4.

cloud forest

Ticket Type & Prices

Sentosa Island of Singapore

DAY FUN Pass: Play Max (up to 20 attractions)
Adult – SGD 115
Child – SGD 95

Adult – SGD 65
Child – SGD 55

Adult – SGD 48
Child – SGD 43

Premium fun pass
Adult – SGD 105
Child – SGD 105

2-DAY FUN Pass (1 day at Universal Studios + DAY FUN PASS):
Play Max
Adult – SGD 185
Child – SGD 145

Play 5
Adult – SGD 130
Child – SGD 105

Play 3
Adult – SGD 110
Child – SGD 90

Sands Sky Park Observation Deck

Sands Sky Park is the observation deck locate at the spectacular Marina Bay Sands. The humungous wooden deck lies atop the three hotel towers and seems to be floating above the city and all its skyscrapers. Situate on the 57th floor, Sands Sky Park provides a magnificent 360-degree bird’s eye view of the entire city, all the way from the Marina South Pier to the Singapore Strait.

Spot Singapore’s iconic landmarks – -he beautiful Gardens by the Bay and Super tree Grove, Places to visit in Singapore along with the Merlion statue, durian shape domes of Esplanade and the Singapore Flyer – from atop the stunning Sands Sky Park. The guide tour of the observation deck is worthwhile, offer daily to extend a deeper insight into the Lion City’s numerous landmarks. The best time to visit the Sands Sky Park is early evening as it provides an opportunity to not only bask in the glow of the sun but also enjoy the spectacular, shimmering lights of Singapore.


  • The number of people to enter the deck at one time is restrict due to safety reasons. However, individuals can stay on the deck for as long as they wish.
  • As the deck is open-air, heavy rains of lightning may result in the closing of the deck. Individuals who have enter the deck within one hour of its closing are viable for a refund.
  • The deck may also be close to the public due to private events on some days, and hence, it is always better to confirm before booking the tickets.
  • Footwear is an absolute must, and no person can walk around the deck barefoot.

Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car is a gondola lift that facilitates an aerial link from Mount Faber to Sentosa’s resort island. It affords a bird’s eye view of the main attractions of Singapore like Mount Faber, Harborfront, Merlion, Sentosa Island and Universal Studios Singapore. The Singapore Cable Car is operational from six stations passing through two lines – the Mount Faber Line (old one) and Sentosa Line (new one).

The experience is very unique as the gondola lift travels through skyscrapers allowing the passenger to alight at the station for shopping and continue the journey later. The route for the Singapore Cable Car crosses the Keppel harbor which makes it the world’s first aerial ropeway to span over a harbor.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass

The Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass includes a round tour to both Sentosa Line and Cable Car Sky Pass. One can also opt for a round tour either of the two lines.

Children age 4 to 12 years require a child ticket and children below four years of age require no ticket. It is advise to carry relevant documents for verification of the age of the child.

Cable Car Sky Pass Standard tickets.

This includes entry to Sentosa (inclusive of admission fee), one round trip of both Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line and visiting the Faber Peak along with Sentosa.
Cost – SGD 35 (for adults), SGD 25 (for children).
One can also get a free upgrade for Unlimite cable car rides for SGD 33.20 (for adults), SGD 23.70 (for children).
Note – This free upgrade has to be avail in one day.

Cable Car Sky Pass Local Resident Tickets

This includes entry to Sentosa (inclusive of admission fee), one round trip of both Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line and visiting the Faber Peak along with Sentosa.
Cost –SGD 29.50 (for adults), SGD 21 (for children).

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore’s most iconic hotel, Marina Bay Sands is a resort complex, rank as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property. The 55-storey tower is home to the world’s largest infinity pool and atrium casino. Other prime attractions include the Shoppes Mall, Art Science Museum and Sands Sky Park.

places to visit in singapore Sentosa Island of Singapore Merlion Park cloud forest

Timings: Observation Deck:
Monday – Thursday: 9:30 AM – 10:00 PM,
Friday – Sunday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Entry Fee: Adults: SGD 23,
Child (2 – 12 years): SGD 17,
Seniors: SGD 20

Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is an entertainment and retail complex link to Changi Airport, Singapore. The transportation hub is also a nature-theme shopping, dining, and recreational extravaganza with themes of Singaporean culture. This eco-infuse multiplex’s centerpiece is the 131-foot-high Rain Vortex, the world’s largest indoor waterfall, Places to visit in Singapore amidst the tropical oasis Places to visit in Singapore of the Shiseido Forest Valley, featuring 61,000 trees.

must places to visit in singapore

Little India

Little India is an ethnic neighborhood of Singapore – a major hub of the Singaporean Indian community. Commonly known as “Tekka”, the historic Centre is known for the vibrant culture, buzzing nightlife, binge-worthy street food and world-class shopping.

sentosa island of singapore

Take a walk along the main thoroughfare of Little India – Serangoon Road – and explore the racial diversity prevalent through the Chinese and Hindu temples alongside mosques and churches. Sample delectable Indian cuisine at various street food stalls and take in the noise and colours of this bustling neighborhood.
While at Little India, do not forget to shop at the famous Tekka Centre and Mustafa Centre for everything ranging from jewelry, clothes to souvenirs. Experience the best of the area on Deepavali when Little India is deck with a thousand lights!

Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest Dome, house in Gardens by the Bay is a greenhouse-like structure, re-creating the tropical montane climate found between 1500m and 3000m. The Centre piece attraction of this conservatory is a 35m high mountain with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

sentosa island of singapore

Cloud forest welcomes its visitors to take a tour through the forest and explore its mind-blowing beauty through 9 different mist-fill levels: Lost World, Cloud Walk, The Cavern, Waterfall View, Crystal Mountain, Tree Top Walk, Secret Garden, Cloud Forest Gallery, and Cloud Forest Theatre.

All these levels abound in beauty and magnificence alike cloud forest and have their awe-inspiring charm. Once here, take a walk and relish the escapade into a tropical rainforest in the middle of skyscrapers and grey buildings of a metro city. The temperature inside the Cloud Forest is regulate to vary between cloud forest 23 to 25 degrees Celsius to allow cloud forest the tropical plants from Montane (orchids, pitcher plants and ferns) to thrive and flourish.

sentosa island of singapore cloud forest

Lost World

Situated in the highest level of the mountain, the plants in the Lost World are typically those found in an elevation of around 2000 meters above the sea level. Mosses and ferns thrive here along with carnivorous plants such as Venus flytrap and Pitcher Plant.  Places to visit in Singapore cloud forest must places to visit in Singapore This area also provides a fantastic view of the Marina Bay waterfront.

Cloud Walk

The Cloud Walk is a cantilever walkway from the Lost World to the world below it. This is the perfect place to have a close-up of the various Epiphytes growing on the extensive mountainside. Count among their ranks are mosses and orchids cloud forest, commonly found growing in the moist environments.

The Cavern
The descent from the Cloud Walk takes one into the Cavern which is an educational site for the visitors. One can get more information about the various cloud forests around. The world and the different life forms found in them.

Waterfall View
The Cavern leads one to the back of the Waterfall. This is the coldest part of the conservatory where the visitors are prompt to consider the importance of freshwater in must places to visit in Singapore a rainforest and Sentosa Island of Singapore learn how the epiphytes absorb water from the mist.

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