Treks in Sikkim That Should Be on Every Nature Lover Radar

Treks in Sikkim That Should Be on Every Nature Lover Radar

Sikkim offers some of the best trekking experiences in the Himalayas. The magnificent mountain range is very pleasant for adventure lovers. Here, we display some of the most popular trips in Sikkim.

While starting a journey in Sikkim is a thin visual treat for the sore eyes, it also introduces you to the country’s rich biodiversity. Trekking through calm terrain and remote villages offer smart travelers into an extraordinary opportunity to see nature at the best. If you are ready for a small adventure in East Himalayas, we have some good recommendations.

Rhododendron Trek

Sikkim is blessed with a variety of impressive rhododendrons. Rhododendron’s journey was largely carried out during the months of April to June when the flowers bloom full during this period. The first major stop on this trip is the Barsai Rhododendron Sanctuary. You can arrange bases in Okhre or Hillley and explore Barsai. Other important points on the way are Jorbutri, Kalizar, and Chewabhanjan. The trek peaked at Uttaray, where you can proceed to Gangtok.

Dzongri-Goechala Trek

Maybe the most popular trek in Sikkim, the Dzongri-Goechala Trek is also called Khangchendzonga Trek. Expect superb mountain views, birding opportunities and dense forests. The journey starts from Yuksom and takes you through Tshoka, Dzongri, Kokchorung, Thansing, and Lhamune. The main attractions that you will meet for seven to eight days of travel include Samiti Lake and Goechala. Trek offers views of Mt. Outstanding Khangchendzonga, Mt. Guacha, and Mt. Pandim. The best time is from April to December, with May and October to peak season.

Singalila Trek

One of the most challenging treks in Sikkim, Singalila Trek began with Uttarey. Overnight Stops for 10-11 days this trip is Chewabhanjan, Dhur, Meghu, DaFeyBhir, Tikipchu, Dzongri, Thangsing, and Tshoka. The best part about this trip is the increase from Lhenuni to Samiti Lake and further to Goechala Pass. The best is you started this trip through a travel agency because this is an expert class trip.

Tendong Trek

Being a day trek, the Tendong Trek is quite popular among trekking lovers. It’s an easy trek and one needs to register with the Forest Department to take this trek. You’ll also be required to present your id proof at the Police Checkpost in Ravangla. The trek begins from Chemchey and takes you to Tendong Hill via Damthang. There’s another route you may take. This one takes you from Ravangla to Bhaledunga via Mainam before ending at Yangyang. The Tendong hilltop is a heritage site and holds immense significance for the Lepcha community. In August, the Tendong Lho-rumfaat festival is celebrated on the hilltop.

Monastic Trek

This trek is special. It takes you through the several age-old monasteries that dot Sikkim’s landscape. The trek starts from Pelling and takes you through Pemayangtse, Sangaloching, and Rabdentse on the first day. Further up, you have the stunning Khecheopari Lake, Yuksom, and Norbughang Coronation Throne. The last stretch of the trek includes Dubdi Monastery and Tashiding Monastery. The trek ends at either Jorethang or Gyanzing, depending on the route.

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