Pay More For Pizza Hut And KFC Because Outlets Increase Prices in India

Pay More For Pizza Hut And KFC Because Outlets Increase Prices in India

The constant surge in the inflation rate takes great victims on everyone’s budget. The price of everything that is important in our daily lives has increased so far easily exceeding everyone’s budget. To handle the current situation, our favorite fast food chains also have to go with price increases due to rising fuel prices, chicken, oil, and various materials. Now you have to pay more to eat from QSR like KFC and Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut Price Increase

On the other hand, Pizza Hut increases the price a few days before KFC. With the effect of March 20, Pizza Hut increases the price of 2.5-3%. In recent weeks, the market witnessed extreme hike in most products. Apart from the fuel, the most significant increase in the midst of inflation at prices is chicken products. It increased by almost 15%.

The increase in the price of chicken products is 15% but the QRSS limits itself to only 10%. They have climbed up to 80% of their current input costs. So there might be a chance for increasing prices more than this food giant like KFC and Pizza Hut coming forward. It’s just a matter of time to see whether the price increases or not.

KFC price increase

KFC is famous throughout the world because of its crispy and delicious menus. Unfortunately, this QSR applies a price increase to overcome the level of inflation that has soared. KFC has climbed their prices by 8-10% effective starting April 1.

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